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for Wise as an Old Qrow

3/2 c21 Guest
4h c21 PetalsScatter
Coeur, I know it's too late, but Nicholas Schnee was actually a huntsman. He led expeditions in the wild, which is what led to him starting the SDC. His expeditions allowed him to discover dust deposits no one could access.
6h c21 4Jazzatron
So Qrow needs Ravens approval for him to get with a girl? Yeah she's totally not possessive over brother in the slightest. Wonder how this crush Willow has on him will change things up.

Also Qrow finally gets the bro out with Tai good for him. He's missed his best friend for years now.
6h c21 1GhostRonin
Nicholas' history literally says he attended combat school, said by Qrow. He's not a civilian and wears armor like that of the Arma Gigas that Weiss summons.
6h c21 GhostRonin
Wasn't Nicholas Schnee a really good warrior?
3/2 c21 Jit Trippin
We ain't beating the allegations with this one!
3/2 c1 john
question: how is Coeur not getting sued? I thought fanfiction only fell under the fair use policy if the author isn't making any money of it. I'm not accusing, just curious.
3/2 c21 GuestyPerson
It's crazy how people want Willow x Qrow when Willow is a CHILD—

That feels, like, at least three different levels of wrong. It also paints Qrow in a horrible light when he's able to have a thing with someone his nieces' age
13h c20 Teo Char
Qrow helps Taiyang, and Raven has a brother complex xd
3/2 c21 Hasf11
instant bro!
3/2 c21 Of the Worst 3
Another great chapter! Qrow losing his composure in the weapon trial match was amusing.

And to Raven, that will look like he threw because of what Ozpin said. Maybe combined with some petulance.

I eagerly await Qrow's eventual reckoning about the butterfly (or, in our case, corvid) effect. I think back to "Not this time, Fate" and "Relic of the Future" and wonder how Qrow will fare.

I know this is early chapters yet, but I think this can be one of your best. BONA FORTUNA!
3/2 c21 Guest
This feels sloppier than your usual standard. Typos are one thing, but a random square bracket is unusual.

Willow got tsundere vibes.

Noteworthy that we don't get a look at Qrow's perspective when he meets Tai, I think.

I'm expecting teenage dramatics next time. Raven is double mad - someone kissed her brother and someone else wants to kiss her - and everyone else is gonna be along for the ride. Qrow threw his fight with Taiyang, that's gonna be obvious to anyone who puts any thought into it - how will people take it?

Raven seems to think Qrow kissed Willow, rather than the other way round. (This is, of course, presuming she sees a difference.)
3/2 c21 Guest
Of change of strategy, if Ruby isnt Ruby Branwen, let at least her best friend be Weiss Branwen XD
3/2 c21 a fan
this was great chapter felt smooth had a great beat, with mayor plot progression and humor
3/2 c21 Guest
And the squads full formed here, damn Summer feeling offended, taking Qrow for granted
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