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for Wise as an Old Qrow

4/13 c26 swiftlet
Brocon Raven rears her head again?
4/13 c1 Gilgamesh King of Mongrels
Coffin of Qrow and Raven
4/13 c26 0akarigan0
Jajajaja Raven niña es la mejor jajajaja. Épico 10/10
4/13 c26 qwefg
Lets take a recap... Lost his sister... Lost the girl he had liked... Lost a bit of his hope in humanity... Never was there to save the people he wanted to save... Oh and right before his death the bad luck nearly got his niece killed.

There may be a bit of undue resentment and hatred towards himself... Especially at the lack of a relationship as the dull grind of the wheel slowly grinding him down as the mundane reality crushed his hopes and dreams probably might make a bit of self hatred.

And this is without even getting into the mess in Atlas!

Oddly enough the happiest he had seen was in that messed up volume 9 epilogue where he seemed happy that team RWBY might be dead... That or as everyone joked... So drug or high he no longer feels pain.
4/13 c26 13IsekaIBoi
4/13 c1 ToriSenkiTan
Lol, Coffin of Qrow and Rayray moment right here, gotta have "Halloween chiptune" to make this as inappropriate/appropriate as possible.
4/13 c26 17WwEpsilonwW
Cute. I never thought about it that way. That Qrow's semblance was a sign that he hated himself. Well, whether it's true or not doesn't matter, not when the solution is the easiest yet the hardest. He has to place the same value on his life as he does the people he's trying to save.
4/13 c26 2Alonestarfish
Why would Qrow hate himself? It's not like he has forty some years of experience in being either the weaker sibling who constantly needs help or a huntsman who can't save anyone or that every bit of misfortune is of course his fault.
4/13 c26 Shadowstorm-Vash
This is the best version of Raven yet, hopefully with Qrow taking care of her and her earlier friendship with Summer, Raven won’t turn out like she did in cannon.
Hopefully Qrow gets over his self loathing in time.
Really enjoying the story!
4/13 c26 Saroan
coffin of crow and raven?

Hah, damn that's gonna be embarrassing for raven in the future
4/13 c26 1YerBuddyKeith
Boo, no corvidcest. Boo.
4/13 c26 shadowfletch
a sweet tender sibling moment before Raven ruined it. at least Summer saved it somewhat
4/11 c25 Guest
Well shit, guess the million lien question is "how is this going to backfire and how badly"? Because all qrow had to do to get summer off his case is say "yes I'm getting raven back for setting me up on the pedestal of having to beat me to date her and seeing how she likes it" as a bit of a laugh. But with the harem protagonist future teammate in play, who doesn't know a damn thing yet, not to mention willow, oh boy that's going to be a cluster. And even moreso once Raven loses it and qrow is forced to spill what's really going on with him and everything else. The connection to tai would REALLY set her off for that one too. Guess i better get the popcorn.
4/13 c26 m33tm3n3v3r
There’s no way that he doesn’t figure out something about his semblance. “Bad luck” will be hard enough to write as an actually passive ability, so I imagine that it’ll be something more interesting. I have high hopes.
4/13 c26 Shirosaki Kizuro
I guess the Alabama ship wouldn't be sailing around here. Shame
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