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for Wise as an Old Qrow

10/29/2023 c6 Korst
Ever see a child holding a ball and feel an irrational desire to snatch the ball out of their hands and pelt it as hard as you can at their stupid head? Little Raven clutching her idiot ball is filling me with that desire. I think it's called cute aggression? ... just looked it up and yeah, that's the term.
10/29/2023 c6 4Rotten Sarcophagus
oof poor raven.
great chapter!
10/28/2023 c6 7ancientdragonduelist
Oh goddamnit. I absolutely should’ve seen this his coming but didn’t. Qrow is being so damn amazing… fuck man.

He loves her. He 100% loves Raven. Even in RWBY canon, even after she abandoned STRQ, even after she abandoned YANG, he still loved her.

But as a sibling… it’s awkward to say. How do you… argh. You’re always there. You annoy each other and fight and and cover for each other and everything and you’re always THERE. In a good way, a sibling is someone you can rely on. Maybe not to run to your side, though I wager most do. It’s like… it’s like a foundation. Someone you’ve built your life with. Someone you’ve shared… everything with.

Someone who knows you almost better than yourself.

Damnit Raven. How… how the hell is Qrow supposed to express all that. How much she really means to him?
10/28/2023 c6 8NlaEid
Can't fight fate. Unless you're Weiss.
10/28/2023 c6 Derpysense
I need to read more
10/28/2023 c6 6VeryPeeved
Some people seem to think all Raven needs is a warm hug. If hugs were all it took to cure mental problems, my family would be the most well adjusted people around.
10/28/2023 c0 Derpysense
Great work
10/28/2023 c6 Mikhail Sharon
Poor Raven. Huh...
10/28/2023 c4 Derpysense
This is very good
10/28/2023 c6 2GM10
It's an Itachi and Sasuke situation, if Itachi travelled back in time and changed stuff but Sasuke still has that inferiority complex around his big bro and said big bro is just trying so hard for stuff to not go to shit.
10/28/2023 c5 7Eramis8
Ozpin being there is a nice surprise. Expected Qrow to win, but he really did make it easy.
10/28/2023 c3 Derpysense
10/26/2023 c5 cao cao
Seems interesting so far. One can only hope that it doesn't end up following the pattern that's been sadly common of your fics recently: strong beginning, followed by a middle part that's way too drawn out and takes forever to make progress, and then an abrupt ending that almost makes one think the writer simply got tired of the story and decided to wrap it up as fast as possible, remaining plot threads notwithstanding. See Raise for a good example of what I'm talking about.

That, and continuity errors, which seem inevitable when you're juggling so many stories and plots at the same time. Like Neptune apology happening twice over at Your Wildest Dreams, or Qrow somehow knowing about Lionheart here, despite being stabbed prior to learning the man's true allegiance.

You can write good stuff, and I hope this story turns out good. I just wonder if writing so many fics at once doesn't influence their quality in a negative way. We could do with less if it's written better, methinks.
10/28/2023 c6 1Malkor13
Raven needs a real mentor who can help focus her psychology. She needs a veteran who can instruct the value of empathy and broad knowledge. People act in pro social ways for a reason and while psychos may race ahead they also die and end up in jail. If there's any change that gets implemented I hope it the deliberate structure and tutelage of Raven's ideology. No way Qrow or any sane adult sees that ball of angry desperation and violent insecurity and thinks 'yeah that's fine' and I believe it; especially after Qrow's made all this change. She doesn't have to become Ruby or Penny, but this shit is blatantly unsustainable. Would love to see an actual Mature and studied Raven with depth beyond might makes right and cowardice. Good luck have fun writing.
10/28/2023 c2 Derpysense
Smol raven is adorable
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