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for Wise as an Old Qrow

4/20 c27 Guest
Qrow is Blind and Selfish. He to Stop Forcing relationships before he ruins it
4/22 c27 BasicWhiteDude
Knock on wood…
4/20 c27 Of the Worst 3
The last time such an ominous line was said, I expected Qrow to become Fortuna's roadkill. He appeared to escape the Wildest Dreams.

Still no sign of the corvus (butterfly) effect in Qrow's mind. Another avenue to get crushed by the Rota Fortunae.

This was a "quieter" chapter overall. I suppose it serves to illustrate the above.

I think Qrow will be struck with a *Yes* this time, Fate in the end. He's no Relic of the Future.

Good luck to crew and cast, as it were.
4/22 c27 47daccu65
It's always when the protagonist thinks that everything's going fine that something crops up big time, isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing where the plan starts to unravel, and what Qrow does to try to keep it on track.
4/20 c27 Guest
Hmm, kinda disappointed that Qrow got absolutely schooled in his fight against the Beacon students. He is fifteen, the same age Ruby was when she attended, and he has decades of experience of fighting and far better aura control, and yet he gets his head kicked in. It doesn't really make sense. How can Ruby at the same age be so much better than Qrow, despite her having less aura control and substantially less experience? Bit of as plothole there.

But what is more problematic is his really creepy obsession with getting first his sister and then Summer to hook up with Tai. Qrow needs his head kicking in, and to be reminded that his nieces are gone, they're not coming back, and he is being ridiculously creepy and borderline autistic with his obsession and actions. Because of his actions, he is without a doubt the most creepy MC you've ever had in your stories before. Which is a shame, as his creepy obsession with his old teammates aside, and the fact he is substantially weaker than canon, the story is decent.
4/20 c27 Emmanwatches
It felt like nothing vould get in his way...

and that's when things started to get in his way.
4/20 c27 Guest
Aaaaaaaaand you jinxed it Qrow...
4/20 c27 Guest
Saying “nothing can get in your way” when you have a misfortune aura is an excellent way to tempt fate.
4/22 c27 Kodaking
Nothing but lack of chapters are stopping me from reading this fic. Nice
4/22 c27 Dr. Valentine
Well, there's some interesting foreshadowing at the end. Now to see what goes wrong.
4/22 c27 2GM10
Imagine the T in STRQ ends up being someone else entirely, like Kali. That oughta utterly shit on Qrow's wishes.
4/22 c10 Kodaking
Saying 'Im an adult' and also talking about 'stepping into the shoes of a teenage girl' in the same sentence is hilarious
4/21 c8 Kodaking
Dragma is insane hahahaha
4/21 c2 Kodaking
4/21 c27 3Midknightjet
Calling it now: Willow ends up on their team. Qrow’s admiration towards her sours into resentment. Though he will deny it, he will hate her for breaking up team STRQ before it ever began.
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