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for Wise as an Old Qrow

4/20 c27 PasiveNox
qrow ypu dont say that especially with your semblance anyway great chapter nice nice
4/20 c27 1SkyWatcher3
Almost beacon! Though I am a little sad we didn’t see Athena nikos again in mistral.
4/20 c27 darthcordus
I wouldn’t be surprised if Qrow’s Semblance interferes so radically during the initiation, that the result will be as a team STRS (hello, Nemesis from Resident Evil!), WTRS (waitress - a waitress, I’d already like to imagine Raven in a waitress's uniform...) or RBST (robust - like a good wine: strong and fine, which is seemly ironic without the drunk Qrow in the team) with Summer, Raven, Taiyang and Willow, since they will all want to find Qrow (everyone has own reasons for this, obviously), but won't be able to do it in time.
4/20 c27 9Aemon.D.Boneless
ok, so i feel like this will hopefully be answered but has qrow straight up forgotten that the reason summer got together with Tai is because Raven left him because she got scared of by Salem?
if raven has a better support system and a different mentality, then that means she might not leave tai or Yang, which means Summer wont get together with tai and have ruby unless they do like a three way marige and i dont think thats gonna happen
4/20 c27 3RohanVos
Yikes, hope everything is okay. I enjoyed the slightly omnious closing line.
4/20 c27 6TheRuinsOfRl'yeh
And shortly thereafter a meteor impacted Remnant, spilling forth an endless tide of abominations.
4/20 c27 Reader20448
Good chapter and red flag near the end.
4/20 c27 Azurom
Yes the person with a bad luck semblance is tempting fate.
If this is not coeur making it obvious shit is about to derail ans fast i dont know what is!
4/20 c27 6Arcangel Guerrero
Es última fue una afirmación muy peligrosa, especialmente con su semblanza ahora activa.
Es bueno saber que estas bien, leí el aviso del jueves, fue realmente muy decepcionante especialmente por que fue mi cumpleaños y esperaba poder tomarme un tiempo del día para leer como le iba a Jaune con su semblanza de sueños, pero cosas pasan y fue bueno saber que por lo menos no había ocurrido ninguna tragedia de por medio, el último incidente con su sra. madre fue bastante preocupante.
En fin casi podía imaginar que los próximos capítulos serán de relleno hasta llegar a su iniciación en Beacon, pero la última línea de Qrow arruino por completo esa perspectiva, ALGO va a pasar, aunque dado el marco de tiempo no estoy seguro de que podría ser, así que supongo que sacaras algo del bolsillo para esto la próxima semana, o bien podría ser un time skip en cualquier caso debería ser interesante.
Hasta la próxima
4/20 c27 Bookfisher
ahh hybris we met again
4/20 c27 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story
4/20 c27 Temsen
"It felt like nothing could get in his way."
Wow. You'd think he would learn to not tempt fate, lol.
4/20 c27 25linkjames24
Gah Qrow's moments with Tai and Raven (and even the snippets with Summer) are all so adorable. More pls. Thanks for the update!
4/20 c27 Shadowalker1337
"It felt like nothing could get in his way."
Ah forshadowing, my old friend!
4/20 c27 FatedWait
Nice chap bro
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