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for Poppy Jacobs and the Whispers of War

5/25 c19 Ten Duel Commandments
That was crazy. All those hours and she's going to have to work again the next day! Poor Poppy :(

PS: I had no idea my email alerts were all turned off for some reason and didn't get a notice that this story had updated :( Apparently I logged on and I got a notice on my front page. Apparently it's a known FFN issue but I was just going through and reading through the updates I missed and making sure the authors still feel seen! Lol
5/20 c19 Lucyeclarkk20
Poor Poppy, they're def testing her
4/8 c17 Lucyeclarkk20
3/23 c16 cranapplejuicebox
thank you so much for posting! im still obsessed with this story, you keep making my day!
3/18 c14 Lucyeclarkk20
You're back yay!
3/17 c14 Catherine.alice
Another great chapter can’t wait for more
1/4 c13 Guest
Wishing your little ones well! Great to have you back
12/13/2023 c12 Guest
Absolutely loving this! Can't wait for more
11/24/2023 c1 Mahaghoni
Brilliant! I literally devoured Poppy's story. Your writing style is wonderfully eloquent and the plot fits in perfectly with the original story. At the same time, you always manage to build up to a good climax that keeps you reading.
I just created an account to give you feedback and can't wait for the next chapters!

Best regards,
11/21/2023 c12 cranapplejuicebox
I'm suffering lol
11/21/2023 c12 cranapplejuicebox
I don't wanna seem like I'm pressuring you but do you have an uploading schedule? I'm literally obsessed with this series, I'm checking for updates multiple times a day since the notifications don't work
11/11/2023 c12 9Plume fine
Cette histoire est géniale, hâte de découvrir la suite des aventures Poppy et Charlie !
11/6/2023 c12 Ten Duel Commandments
That's crazy she didn't receive any materials for her exam! I'm glad she found out she did fantastic though!
10/23/2023 c1 cranapplejuicebox
I HAVENT READ THESE EPISODES YET BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPLOADING, I've been having a really rough week with my mental health, thank you <33
10/17/2023 c9 Rey
Ahhh! What an exciting couple of chapters cant wait to see Poppy's perspective of the war as an auror!
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