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1/13 c8 Excellent story
Excellent story and good to see a realistic building of his power base.

I am curious to see what happens after the battle and if Nathan follows the letter of the Kings Law to get back at both the Iron Islands and Jon Arryn. What I mean by this is Piracy and Slavery is punished in Westeros with either taking the Black or Death, the Ironborn get away with this by saying they are Ironborn. However surely a “Rogue Ironborn Fleet” should lose this protection as they claim they don’t represent the Ironborn.

I am not trying to make Nathan a psychopath, but think it might be an interesting idea if Jon Arryn sends a letter demanding a release and return of the captured Ironborn to Balon in Kings Landing, and Nathan arrives with a list of all those who have taken the Black, and the heads of the rest as they followed the Kings Law concerning Pirates and Slavers. Especially if the leader of the raid was one of Balon’s sons. Could also be good to see the reactions of the other Lords Paramounts, especially those that had been either threatening the North and his position (Vale, Reach, and Riverlands), or those that are trying to get a read on him (Westerlands and potentially Dorne). Also the reactions of the small council as no doubt Stannis would support his decision, Arryn would try to punish him, and Varys wouldn’t know what to do.
1/13 c8 naruto
great chapter keep it up
1/12 c5 yahska
When did Umber become Umbra
1/11 c8 1beserkerbeast
Love to see more
1/7 c8 Doomharvester1
I understand why at this time a marraige with asha is a bad idea (given that if this follows the books she is only 5 at this time) and i fully agree with your break down of why it is politically a bad idea in the chapter as well.

Its still an interesting pairing that could have a lot of promise in the future (seeing as nathan is 13 at this time i think?). Especially if Asha becomes the Starks hostage instead of Theon and he is sent elsewhere as a hostage, say the reach or even the westerlands ( though i don't think even theon deserves to be sent to the lanisters or tyrells, but someplace that the iron isles raid with regularity, maybe even bear island if the north requires two hostages).

I feel if given the chance Asha, with her competency, may make more of the opportunity being fostered at winterfell than Theon ever did, she may even be able to gain the respect of the northern lords if she works closely with nathan (and she probably would given nathan's needs and personal tastes). The issue is the matter of the historic bad blood between the iron isles and the rest of the kingdoms. Honestly, the only way that will be fixed is if Nathan and the North, or even Robert if he decides to break from jon arryns view on this, pull a Ghengis Khan.

The iron isles essentially need to be purged the of all their ruling nobility and members of the houses over a certain age (some will die in the coming war but not all). Have the north foster all of the remaining heirs under a certain age (so say 10-13 which means killing or removing everyone aged 11 or 14 and up in the iron isle noble families, which is very brutal but probably necessary if they want to reshape the iron isles into something better ). Maybe send the women over that age to the silent sisters.

Problem is that it is an extreme measure and who does it will determine largely how it is viewed. If Robert does it then it may actually make his reign more stable or less depending on if the other nobles see it as a good or bad thing. I can't see the North, westerlands, stormlands or the reach complaining about it seeing as the iron isles hit them often and the stormlands are the holding of house baratheon. The Northern lords are pragmatic and can be quite brutal when needed, Ned is atypical pf the northern lord because he was sent to foster in the vale and was not supposed to become Warden of the north as a second son. If he was lucky he may have gotten a holding by marrying into a family with only female heirs or if he distinguished himself and was gifted land. Tywin is Tywin so no problems there i don't think though I'm not sure about Mace or the queen of thorns.

If Nathan does it it would probably be with the backing of the noble lords of the North, a chance to stop the iron isles raids on them for good is too good an opportunity to pass up. Coincidently it also opens up the future possibility of a match between Asha and nathan later if the north wishes to cleave this new iron isles closely to them in the future. She is 5 at this time according to the books so she could be raised in the northern way and if done correctly be told why members of her family were put to the sword that keeps her loyal to the people who raised her ( it is actually quite unsettling but its essentially like brainwashing her but that was one of the whole points of fostering theon to begin with so it fits here too). I'd say that it would give them access to shipbuilders and capable sailors for their future naval endeavors but that may not be the case depending on who does the ship building and if the iron isle thralls ( smallfolk ) are taught to sail. If the North does this then they will have to set up Castellans with their own manpower to manage the isles until the new lords are old enough to take over which i think the north has enough people to do . The drowned priesthood would probably need to be dealt with as well.

Problem is i don't know if Nathan has it in him to do this nor do i know if Ned would back him on this. It would also give his personal enemies more ammunition against him to try and remove him ( hoster tully and jon arryn) if he is able to go through with it. Someone cunning like Tywin or the queen of thorns could paint it as an overreach by a lord paramount that threatens the power of the king which if done right would put the north at odds with the crown before Rob snuffs it.

Sorry it got so long, but i just enjoyed riffing on the idea. Looking at the pros and cons. I can't wait for more chapters. I'm still hoping for an asha/Nathan pairing, but that would probably only happen 13-15 years into the future, which is actually around the time Robert dies and the events of Game of Thrones takes place. Can't wait to see where this goes as there are other possible and interesting candidates for lady stark. Dacey Mormont could be an interesting option for lady stark depending on where you put the date of birth seeing as the estimated age range for her results in her being older or younger than Asha Greyjoy. The wiki puts her birthday anywhere between 251 and 277 AC. Maergary Tyrell is another interesting choice for lady stark as she also fits nathan's type for strong or capable women ( just differently than Asha or Dacey would). I don't think Arianne of dorne would be a good fit just because she's a bit to conniving in my opinions ( which is maybe a bit rich to say seeing as I've said Margary Tyrell would be a good fit). Danaerys may also be an interesting wife for Nathan as, again, she fits his type though that will depend very much on how you right her. You'd need to make her less unstable than she was in the series and more open to working with others like she was earlier in the series before the power and betrayals went to her head. I'm also excited to see how Nathan's changes will affect the events of game of . Will he be declared king in the north like robb was? Will he actually acend to become the king of the seven kingdoms? Will he sit in the iron throne or destroy it and rule from winterfell as the new capital? All questions I eagerly await the answers to in your fic
1/6 c7 Robert and 43
only issue is ships can't be built at a port, they need a drydock or shipyard
1/6 c8 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
1/6 c8 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating!

Nathan Stark giving me "Berserk" Anime/Manga vibes with Nathan wearing Weighted Armor and swinging a Sword to help improve his Martial Prowess.

I do hope Nathan and Yin have their moments, given they are young and death around every corner. The Brothel in Winter Town in with Small Jon Umber was interesting.

A major change is Domeric Bolton meeting Nathan Stark instead of him after his fostering in the Vale where he went to see his bastard brother, Ramsey Snow...Let's hope Domeric can live and be a more peaceful Bolton that will follow the Starks instead of making power grabs.

It seems Iron Born Reavers are coming to Windhelm and it looks like Nathan going to use a baiting tactic to drive the Iron Born to attack bait ships and than attacking at Sea, but also using Archers to pick-off/harass the Iron Born Reavers from the Land at some choking point in the natural harbor.

So the next chapter...Will have Nathan Stark experience his first real battle with his Vassals, finding out if their Paramount Lord his Martial Prowess or if his strengths are in Strategies to in the Battle/War.

I do like the idea of Asha/Yara Greyjoy potential Marriage denied and for good reason by Nathan Stark, while Eddard Stark listen and heard before cementing the idea in letter to Jon Arryn...I do hope that Yara/Asha Greyjoy becomes the North hostage instead of Theon Greyjoy, but that could be more dangerous given how competent Asha/Yara is as an individual and I doubt Nathan/House Stark would miss treat a Hostage.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and Happy New Years!
1/6 c8 EmaCnDf
Why not use a warhammer? he has the body and training his absurd strength.
1/6 c3 Robert and 43
closer to the wall is colder up to a point, near the wall is the gift and new gift which are warmer and more fertile thanks to the wall blocking cold northern winds eroding soil and making it colder good story
1/4 c8 Guest
Keep it up, great story
1/3 c8 Guest
1/5 c8 suziq968
Love the character of Nathan and his ideas. I wish you had a beta, some of the mistakes throw me right out of the story.
1/3 c7 Guest
amazing story :)
1/3 c5 Guest
haha go get em laughing wolf
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