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for The North's White Wolf

1/3 c5 Guest
haha go get em laughing wolf
1/5 c8 Blaze1992
Surprised he was able to restrain himself.
1/4 c8 FrenchWhiteFox
Wow thank you for the great work i really love this story !
1/4 c8 Hadrian.Caeser
Thx for the chapter
1/4 c8 2J.Bean1
Thanks for the update! I really enjoyed reading this chapter and I'm looking forward to reading the next one
1/4 c8 IrishHermit2
There is nothing wrong with Jon Arryn wanting peace for Westeros and not war. However, his actions remind me exactly how King Viserys acted in House of the Dragon. A weak and foolish ruler who was either unable or unwilling to see the bigger picture and sow discontent in his lords. This is what Lord Arryn is doing by trying to betroth a Greyjoy to Nathan. Not only would it cause massive upheaval with northern houses, it could and would cause a rebellion against House Stark for which the North would look elsewhere for leadership and just who would they choose? House Bolton? In that case, Hoster Tully wouldn't get his wish for his grandchildren to become future Lord Paramount and Warden of the North. Because who would support House Stark after all that? I'm just happy that Ned put JA in his place with that resounding NO of his. The Hand is an Andal at heart. That is why he is so intent on keeping the North weak. He is using the excuse of the North not doing business with the Reach and the Riverlands and causing ill will in trying to justify keeping the North weak and not too independent. Because a strong and independent North is just not good for Southern business. What better way to stamp out the worship of the Old Gods and introduce the Faith of the Seven than to have Cat's children be future Lords of the North. I wonder if Robert is aware of what his hand is doing in trying to get Nathan replaced as Lord and put Lord Tully's grandchildren in his place? I could only wish that Nathan gets the chance to tell Hoster to fuck right off in trying to involce himself in northern affairs. The last thing that Nathan wants is for the North to get mixed up in southern politics again. Yet, just how is he going to react to the fact that his cousin "Jon" is the rightful King of Westeros?
1/4 c8 Daemoniorum
Quite enjoy this so far. Will be interesting to see if Jon Arryn can convince Robert to do nothing.
1/3 c8 Drakena
Thanks for the chapter happy new year
1/3 c8 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter!

With him becoming aware of Yin in this chapter I'm really looking forward to seeing how our MC's love life will develop. Right now I'm thinking two or possible three wives, Yin and Daenerys! And maybe Sansa, as this is Game of Thrones and they are not siblings, but cousins, so it should be okay? Just a thought!

Good of our MC to help those girls, who helped him relax and I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out and develops.

And now we see the Iron Born coming! I can't wait to see how this goes!

Thanks again for the chapter!
Looking forward to reading much more of this great story in this new year of 2024!
1/3 c8 Drakena
Luwin is jealous
1/3 c8 Leaf Ninja 91
Thanks for the chapter. Always love to see this story update.
1/3 c8 Okami2312
With the plot its easy to forget how good the smut is
1/3 c8 LordDarkness89
thanks for the chapter bro
1/3 c8 KingInTheNorth27
Thanks for the chap and i will admit i wanted to see a battle this chap. I liked that you introduced Domeric Bolten as he didnt deserve his fate in the books and im excited to see how he influences the story and how it gets along with the mc. Also with the brothel scene i will admit that was hoping to see ros as i always liked her character in the show and hoped mc would meet her so im glad you said she will be introduced later and she meets the mc. Keep the great work and cant wait for the next chap.
1/3 c8 LilyInTheValley
please don't turn this into a harem. Yin is not the right partner for Nathan no matter what. They both deserve uncomplicated relationship.. Please do not turn this story into an annoying love story between them..
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