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for The North's White Wolf

1/1 c3 3harashien
Okay something I noticed. You keep using ideal instead of idle

Ideal: a persons principles or a turn of phrase for a good situation

Idle: doing nothing
12/27/2023 c7 NavyZero8745
God dang, this is amazing! Story has flow, the mc is interesting being more aligned to the lighter side of the spectrum but still has a harden view despite being young, the plot it self is very fun to read and watch as the North grows stronger and stronger and the mc seemingly wanting to avoid a Game Of Thrones, all in all I can't wait for more. Btw I'm a Yin x Nathan since they have a nice chemistry anywho can't wait for more.
12/22/2023 c7 8baron sanmdi
nice! smart oc are always welcome
12/21/2023 c7 myboylolipop12
This fic is really good ! Please update again
12/18/2023 c7 Dragon master 124
I have to say that I am loving this story. Can’t wait for the next one.

One thing I want to know is what is your plan for Jon: Will he join the Watch, will he be given lands and titles by Nathan, or will there be something new involving his heritage?

Also I always thought one of the reasons why Jon Arryn never really tried to help the north after the rebellion is because like all andals, he sort of looked down on the Northerners, and didn’t want the North to prosper too much, since the South loved to take advantage of the North. Also the fact that he is risking the North rebelling by actually hearing out Hoster’s baseless attempts to steal the birthright of the true heir of the North, which would piss off entire North and Ned when they find out.
12/17/2023 c7 4Taozalcoti
Love it
12/16/2023 c7 spirouFr
Thanks for the new chapter
12/14/2023 c7 Hawkmoon888
Interesting story for an OC building up the north without having an isekai situation of someone who has all the knowledge needed in their head to modernize the North.

One thing I am a little iffy on is the reaction of the South and the fact news seem to spread at lightning speed. Unless the North has already significantly reduced their food imports most lords wouldn't react. This is basically a medieval and stagnant society. Unless they see success the majority of lords would just snicker at the child lord playing maester with their experiments. As for mines being discovered they would just think about new products they could get for their food.
Jon Arryn being somewhat in favor of replacing Nathan is reasonable due to the fact Ned was his ward and would have more influence on him. It doesn't need a reason like disruptions in trade balance between the South and North.

Another thing is a missed opportunity with Nathan having a Velaryon mother. He spent two years in a coastal city and there was interaction with a naval focused house that would be interested in cooperating with Nathan and his projects as long as they gained enough from it. Especially when you mentioned that his mother had 20 ships under her while she was alive if I remember correctly.

I am really hoping that while the Ironborn will attack the North they won't scrap their other canon attacks having expanded their fleet more. For the simple reason they know Robert would react and so removing the Lannister fleet would be one of their goals. It would also be a black eye towards the southern lords as they were warned by the North and got still caught by surprise due to Jon's attempts to start talking while the Ironborn were already ready for war.
12/11/2023 c7 anja.quickert.9
12/9/2023 c7 Iyalode
I'm enjoying the story, have some feedback.

The South worrying about the North not buying crops is way way too soon. There's zero reason for them to make this assumption when the north has produced nothing and I do mean nothing yet. It feels like your forcing it to push a narrative that is overblown, it needs to wound back a fair bit as a concern within the context of the story.

Jon Arryn is way too OC, he was very smart politician - who would 100% know that the crown cannot force a lord from a family such as House Stark to marry. That's just ludicrous to the point of insanity.
12/6/2023 c7 Guest
Amazing series. Power read all seven chapters and really enjoying the changes. Nathan is a great Stark and I look forward to his taste of war and how his idea of what the Ironborn must pay for their rebellion. Can see Robert really liking him more. Also hope Nathan unlike Ned makes a trip to king landing to see the waves he can create there.

I like Tywin monitoring him now that Nathan is revealed behind the changes. Wonder if he would plot a Lion to wed this Wolf? Please don’t use the show canon of gold running dry at the Rock as Martian has been rather firm that is not the case.

Our Orphan Archer, Yi Ti displaced young lady are just two GREAT additions to the world. Liking Lord Blackpearl too.
Looking forward to more
12/7/2023 c7 8SpartanWolfj6
This story is fun to read, and so far its going great.
Nathan marrying Asha, not a good match politically, the northern lords will be outraged by it, especially with what the Ironborn might do next chapter.
12/7/2023 c7 BasiliskHunter497
Just wanna start off that I’ve enjoyed your story so far and can’t wait to see where you end up going with this idea. Though I can agree that a Nathan/Asha pairing would interesting and there are good points both for and against it, there might be other pairings that could potentially help make the North stronger, which is the most likely to get approved by Nathan as he cares about making the North stronger.
One grammar point I noticed is when you were talking about betrothed, as I understand it betrothed is what the people in the agreement call each other while the actual agreement itself is called a betrothal.
Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next chapter.
12/7/2023 c7 IrishHermit2
A more independent North is a very good thing. As they become more self-sufficient, they will rely less and less on the South. When not if the South starts any petty squabbles or feuds, the North won't be impacted too much as they aren't depended on them for the food supply.

Hoster Tully needs to stop fucking around before he finds out what happens when you mess with House Stark and the North. He can say that Nathan is taking too many risks and jeopardizing the safety and or security of the North. And by extension, his daughter and grandchildren. Yet everyone knows that the only reason he is pushing Nathan to be replace is that he wants HIS grandchildren to be the Lord Paramount and Warden of the North. Hoster Tully needs to fix his own house and NOT interfere in Northern affairs. What is his heir doing right now? Possibly riding around with his drunken fools, he calls friends and getting his cock wet.

Marrying Asha Greyjoy would be a disaster waiting to happen. Say Nathan and her get married, will the Ironborn just magically stop raiding and reaving? Will Euron stop and behave himself? Something tells me he won't. The Northern lords would not stand for their warden to marry the enemy that has cost them so very much. And they would very much seek to replace Nathan for Ned if that marriage would come about. It would also give Hoster Tully the excuse he needs to get rid of Nathan.
12/7/2023 c1 2JustAnotherFan217
Ummm, you do realize that like 9 out of 10 stories involving the North is a “let’s make the North Great again!” story? Like, I’m not saying this isn’t good or that it isn’t a fun read (cause it is) but if you haven’t seen any stories like this one, boy, you must not have read any GOT stories on this site. Because this here is the most popular form of GOT stories written. Seriously there has to be like three dozen of them of this site alone.
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