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for Voldemort de Tristain

12/17/2023 c1 1Wicked.A
Voldemort is pretty powerful don't get me wrong but Karin, Elf's and some of the latter stuff are probably out of his league, there is a reason why he needed death eaters after all where as Karin beat an army by herself while still a child
12/10/2023 c1 Luca Aguirre
very good
10/3/2023 c1 Guest
I think the biggest issue with continuing to write this is picking a perspective. Voldemort needs to be kept at a villain, so his point of view should be limited. Rather I would focus the story on the natives, such as Colbert, Osmond, Kirche, Tabitha, Karin, and Henrietta.

For Louise I imagine Voldemort would use the imperius curse on her after reading her mind. She is the daughter of a duke, and the childhood friend of the princess, so she'd make a perfect spy. What is interesting is it's possible to cast magic through another person using imperius, so Louise could actually learn some HP magic while she is being controlled. She should eventually break free, preferable at a dramatic moment, like when she's ordered to kill someone she loves.

As for Voldemort's actual goals, there are a lot of possibilities.
Returning to his World: Low priority, this forces back home have been destroyed, he doesn't have any horcruxes so he's mortal. It makes more sense to gather strength in his new world before returning.
Conquering this World: Moderate priority, this world is way less advanced, they have no way of countering curses, they can't even apparate. He'd definitely exploit this advantage.
Recruiting new Death Eaters: Moderate priority: Voldemort will want to rebuild his army. First to help him conquer this world, second so he can bring it back to take over his original world.
Recreating his Horcruxes: High priority, as someone obsessed with immortality, and so fearful of death there is no way Voldemort is staying as a mortal. Which means he needs to perform a lot of evil acts, and find some treasures to stick pieces of his soul into.
10/1/2023 c1 The Black Cat 1843
I laughed at the story that turned Madara and Vader into conniving cowards. Lol!

Some writers are not shy about the ridiculous.

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