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for Whumptober 2023

11/5/2023 c6 MoonBeamNightFurySAA120
This chapter would do good with an ending! The suspense is just great but is killing me. It's too good to be left without an ending!
11/4/2023 c15 MoonBeamNightFurySAA120
Is Scott gonna live? These cliffhangers are kind of killing me
11/3/2023 c14 MoonBeamNightFurySAA120
Did Virgil just die or did he just fall unconscious?
This is one of my favorite chapters.
11/3/2023 c17 MoonBeamNightFurySAA120
Just finished reading and I loved it! But my only disliking to this story is the constant cliffhangers at the end of most of the chapters. Especially at the end of chapter 6 "Mistaken Identity".
I have a prompt for a story as well:
What if Scott was wanted by a secret ex-military/spy/GDF sort of organisation that Colonel Casey knew about but didn't tell the Tracy brothers... until the organisation got what they wanted.
In the style of "Mistaken Identity". Just as a separate story with some whump, Hurt/Comfort and mystery in it. With an ending!
And honestly I love Scott Tracy too but maybe a little more stories about the other Tracy brothers and Scott comes to the rescue along with the others?
10/31/2023 c16 202Loopstagirl
Oh my gosh this was just perfect. Scott being an idiot. Midnight hot chocolate. Silent conversations that were too loud. All the brothers bunking in together. Everything about this is just yes, yes, yes!
10/30/2023 c15 Loopstagirl
Yes yes yes! Military bros for the win and what a pair these two are. Apart from the slight issue of Scotty ending up with a hole in him, they just has this covered. I love seeing these two work together like this.
10/27/2023 c12 Loopstagirl
Ah i love this! Of course Scotty would push himself so hard he loses consciousness. I think Virgil quitting on him was honestly the only thing that would get through BB’s head!
10/23/2023 c11 40Tikatu
Aww! MAX gets a turn in the whump department! Love his inner monologue as he battles the little intruder who's bent on causing damage and destruction. Great chapter!
10/2/2023 c2 202Loopstagirl
I LOVE this. An insane amount of Scott whump and protective bros which is just awesome and wow, someone has really done a number on our boy.

But it also made me laugh. I love how the Hood went from nefarious plans to ‘abort, abort!’ When he realised how bad Scott was and knew that was a line he wouldn’t survive crossing when it came to the Tracys. The image of him ‘kidnapping’ Scott only for the man to practically fall on him was awesome.
10/1/2023 c1 85Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
This was great, though I feel bad for the space man, that had to have hurt
10/1/2023 c1 202Loopstagirl
Ouch! Poor John! Lumaire is lucky that Scott didnt leave him behind entirely although i did laugh that he gagged him too. Probably saved his life. Loved the end bitour space man is still there.

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