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2/18 c12 Scoolio
Hah, poor boy is fucked.
2/19 c12 The Parzivals
Hello, first of all, get better and you probably won't read this but I would like to give you some ideas for this story, first you could make Jaune acquire an ability to change his voice to be able to speak like "guitarc" and second that one of the record labels or a singer try to sue for copyright to jaune because of the covers
2/19 c12 Blru04
Get some rest please
2/19 c12 dylanian09104
rest well
2/19 c11 NewHavenPort
thank goodness you are resting hope you recover well
2/18 c12 viverosjr26
He is resting
2/18 c1 3Magiki.Magitech
Yes, please rest and take some time off for the weekend.
2/18 c12 flip flip2 electric bogaloo
wheres the update
2/18 c12 Jaune Salem Arc
-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Te estas demorando.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
2/18 c12 Elgenninlalo
I was just wondering about the chapter and I read what you put in your bio.

Take your time, rest and I hope you get better :D
2/17 c11 3Completely Confunded
I'm rooting for this new mother in law so hard! Aww poor Jane, thinking he's no good (than getting caught up in shit because he's too good~ )
2/14 c12 Guest
Willow, invite Jaune to use your no doubt luxurious and massive pool and show up in your brand new finest swimsuit. He’ll fold
2/15 c12 ArgonDFowl
Lovely chapter, really looking forward to Jaune meeting the Schnee siblings. Hope he becomes good friends with Whitley and we get to spend some time getting to know Whitley, i don't feel like we've gotten too much of him so far in your stories that I've read tho i might be mistaken XD and i really hope Jaune and Weiss form a beautiful friendship/relationship tho after some inevitable conflict as I'm expecting haha
2/13 c12 Guest
Wonder how shocked Weiss, Winter, and Whitley will be seeing their mom actually happy LOL they’ll end up her biggest supporters for Jaune
2/12 c12 Guest
Rember the lose your virginity quest Jaune! don't become an incel, this is your chance!
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