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12/4/2023 c1 7Paths Through Lavender Fields
First off, may I say how I really admire the title you chose for this story: Messengers of Truth. It's not always easy coming up with a title, much less one that encapsulates the vision the author had for the story, but you absolutely nailed it here! (I'm jealous! Titles can be a real struggle.) Nathan always was her truth-teller, even and especially when she didn't want to hear it. I love that S10 again drove this point home.

Thank you for giving us an Allie-based version of how Nathan heard about Elizabeth moving to Capitol City; I wish we could have watched this scene unfold onscreen! I love Nathan's resulting resolution that this time he was NOT going to back down (or keep silent). That's our guy!

". . .the pain of all their past years together welling up in his piercing blue eyes. . ." OOF! :insert wailing cry emoji: (If the site actually had emojis, that is!) That got me right. in. the. FEELS. That was beautifully worded, and I'm so glad you pointed out that there were tears shining in his eyes in that moment. It was a pivotal detail, speaking to the profound depth of everything left unsaid in that moment and everything in the years leading up to that moment, and it hit me in the heart. It's never been easy for me to see tears on men, fictional or otherwise, and Nathan being glassy-eyed with emotion had me emotional too. Incredible, five-star acting from KM in that moment. (EK, too. Gotta give credit where credit is due.)

"Patiently waiting, hoping. . . could talk to about anything. . . never threatened by her memories of Jack. . ." Yep, yep, and yep! Thank goodness those scales fell from her eyes. Sidenote, I'm not sure if you were pulling from this or not, but the usage of the word "scales" there made me think of the famous Bible verse involving scales and eyes. I'm SO glad Elizabeth ended her self-inflicted blindness. She will find such freedom in SEEING! Hang onto that bravery, Elizabeth. You can do it! (Am I cheering on a totally fictional character? . . .I think I am. LOL!)

"What's in your heart?" / "When you figure it out, I'll be waiting." Oh, the utter callback poignancy of those lines! I love that you worked them in; it was seamless and perfectly suited to the moment.

It's wonderful seeing the original log scene validated here, and I think that we'll be seeing that happen in the show next season too. Nathan WAS right, he always was: she DID feel the same way he did. She just fled from truth and embraced fear in the shape of a lie that's taken a whole season (or two?) to right. Her echoing Nathan's original declaration by acknowledging to her heart that she loves him *and* is IN love with him (just like he said to her) was enough to send my heart into a puddle. We've waited SO. LONG. to hear those words, to finally have the real truth acknowledged.

Thank you for pointing out that Elizabeth had run from the right choice "at least twice, and so many other times in smaller ways." Those smaller ways stung deeply in their own way; poor Nathan and sometimes Allie had to bear the brunt of her ill-favored ways. . .

The plaque. Used like a slap in the face to TN and the truth in S9, we are now seeing the balance restored as the path back to truth is being re-paved. I love that you closed by fleshing out everything related to the quote that Nathan so painstakingly carved into it. (I hope we see a return of Nathan's woodworking abilities on the show. I adored that quality about it.)

"Always do what you are afraid to do." I'm so excited to see Elizabeth finally do this in S11!

Ending this on a hopeful and clear, yet teensy bit open-ended way was brilliant! LOVE that choice. It was just enough. Wonderful one-shot; I really enjoyed it! Hugs, Paths
11/18/2023 c1 Guest
Brilliantly written and so beautiful. ️
10/30/2023 c1 2Mamabethany
Such a lovely idea of how this could have gone... Perfect
10/9/2023 c1 Karen Martin
Nice story! love how you brought in the Emerson plaque. Hoping we see that in episode 12
10/8/2023 c1 Mary Riggins
Such a great story. I hope there will be a continuation.
10/8/2023 c1 11Eilie Hunter
So wonderful to read that you have stepped into HV and a challenge too!
Love this story as you have brought us in from a different direction.
In spite of Nathan’s shock and disappointment I love how he said “I’ll be waiting.” So much infused in those three words for their past, present, and future.
Glad Elizabeth has awakened and will break her engagement but I want to see her meet with Nathan and his realization of her now opening her heart to him. How i wish you would continue…
10/6/2023 c1 Guest
Great story. Thanks
10/6/2023 c1 Nsnash
Wow, loved this story and I’m really hoping you will be continuing is for a couple of more chapters at least. Would love to read the breakup with Lucas and her meeting with Nathan to tell her what or rather who is in her heart.
10/6/2023 c1 1ChefVirlinda
Lovely story!
10/5/2023 c1 SaSeLi777
This is wonderful! I hope you’ll continue the story!
10/5/2023 c1 21baseballchick1330
what an awesome story.

hopefully you write a second part of this or another story down the line
10/4/2023 c1 8Missela
Oh! This is so good! Thank you for taking the story all the way to where she figures it out and starts acting!

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