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for The hell I got myself into?

5/31 c15 Guest
This is an amazing story. I hope you jeep it up.
5/31 c15 Guest
If you’re doing stoked. Then sixteen seems a perfect other crossover. Just think of it. Every time Jude speaks they can jump thinking Chris is there since they share a voice actor
5/31 c15 Soberityy
Fuck yeah man, forgot about stoked for s hot minute
5/30 c15 Nemonobody001
Great chapter want to see stoked join the total drama family
5/28 c4 lou2003us
When did Naruto fall asleep?
4/23 c14 kokichi2002
I can't believe it. i actually enjoy and empathize harold.
4/22 c14 Musicscarecrow
Another fantastic chapter, glad to see naruto and gwen starting there romance as well. Keep up thw great work! Cant wait for more
4/22 c14 maikohernandez96
this is pretty good. I know this is heading more for a gwen x naruto but that fire and ice dynamic with heather is A1.
3/29 c7 GrizzyBone
Is naruto a martial artist or not? How does he come out worse from the fight with heather?
3/26 c12 Storyliker
Thank you so much for making this story it's awesome and funny
3/15 c1 Mop
3/11 c8 1Marcus De Gabriel
Heather and Naruto have a hilarious type of chemistry, I can’t wait for more to happen
3/11 c12 A Viral Revenant009
i don't know if anyone said this, but thank you for your hard work in translating this story much appreciated.
3/11 c1 Marcus De Gabriel
If you lived “What a Dramatic Life” he HAS to get with Gwen, it was such a great fic. Don’t really care about anyone else for the Harem except Izzy, but that’s just because they’re my favourites
2/29 c11 justinmil22
ah gwen as the love interest sadge to see that
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