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for Naruto: A Feral Love Story

2/13 c5 KidneyZero
Enjoying they story and your take on the military aspects.
11/21/2023 c4 KidneyZero
Another good story, please keep it up.
10/29/2023 c3 12Dragonkyubii
I love the concept of your story, a NarutoxHana fanfic is always underrated which make them amazing. I do feel like you rushed this fic a bit to fast, other than that the concept is amazing
10/23/2023 c2 1UzumakiRamen
Absolutely loving your story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/22/2023 c0 UzumakiRamen
Please reupload this chapter as the formatting is messed up
10/22/2023 c2 krzychu14x
Chapter needs a little bit of fixing
10/22/2023 c2 kamui15
chapter needs to be fixed
10/22/2023 c2 theonedevin
Chapter is corrupted
10/14/2023 c1 1Killjoy3000
love this fic
10/14/2023 c1 32MisoSparkz

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