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17h c6 Francisco715
Se pone bueno el asunto ya quiero leer como continuará el siguiente capítulo saludos autor san
5/24 c6 E
Hm excellent chapter and no doubt the rest will show the depths of Esdeath’s obsession with EMIYA which I suspect is romantic in the sense that she might think he would be the only one fit to be hers in a world of what she views as weaklings and only she and EMIYA stand at the top of the food chain even through I wouldn’t doubt she show her dere side to him every once in a while.

EMIYA: “Darn it, am I doomed to attract very dangerous females? Curse you Alaya this one must be your fault somehow as revenge for trying get out of your leash so you unleash a hot Yandere out for my head”
5/24 c6 Guest
I am also not a party guy myself.
5/25 c6 recon100035
thx for the chapter
5/25 c6 wellingtonlucas282
Obrigado pelo capítulo incrível, Autor-San!
5/25 c6 Lashamore
Incredible! The flashback was really high quality. I hope you decide to explore their past more. It feels more exciting than present events.
5/25 c6 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
5/25 c3 TaidaNaeko
By using monster materials, I mostly meant that the mind was stuffed
Because of this, part of the Teigu will be impossible to copy, and if it can, it will only be an even worse version, that is, without the Teigu promoting into the mystical part
For example, he can definitely copy a pumpkin and threads, but I don’t think it’s possible to copy the armor of the wave and tatsumi
5/25 c4 TaidaNaeko
And most weapons of the moon type are more of the volitional type or intention
There are minimal near-conscious weapons, and I can’t remember them
5/25 c6 TaidaNaeko
Regarding copying Teigu
What I meant was that he would not be able to copy or partially copy intelligent weapons since they are tied to the soul and mind of the beast
Judging by the way some teigu react and their release of forces, this could not have happened without the infusion of a soul or mind into the shell
The same incursio, if he copies it, he may remain only in the basic form of the sword without offering full armor without realizing the potential of a weapon with consciousness up to Tatsumi’s 3rd form
5/24 c6 Super98
5/24 c6 Shen1412
Snirk hhahaha Emiya being Emiya
5/24 c6 AnimeFan13579
And it ends with a flashback of Esdeath meeting Emiya. Can imagine that going by her animalistic view on things you could somewhat imply she has an attraction to him. Canon wise Esdeath had pretty much known herself to be at the top of the food chain and wanted to try seeing what love is like. Her standards included someone younger than her and with potential that she could likely train. Possibly to give her someone to call an equal or close enough. In this case though she has already encountered someone younger than her who is skilled enough to be considered an equal. It's kinda implied she's likely already familiar with his cooking so likely most everything else is mediocre or garbage in her opinion.

Honestly the real question would be what would result of them fighting until one beats the other. As kids can imagine that has already occurred but as adults since the split up is another story. Funny thought is can basically imagine that Esdeath in her own way is in love with Emiya. He's someone that can be considered on her level in a world full of "weaklings". Would potentially greatly desire fighting him to the finish but would likely regret it afterwards if did win as their wouldn't be anyone else as worthy to fight with. Though would also wonder how she would take it to being beaten as well and him not killing her. Something like that is also a possibility to have occurred. In the fight they had either Emiya escaped or he had defeated and spared her. The second option especially would have had her refuse to speak of it. After all being spared like that would be insulting to her philosophy. Though there's also another underlying rule as well "The strong make the rules". In which case Emiya proving superior to her would mean his rules are what goes. So still hit or miss if was spared or he escaped in the confusion.
5/24 c6 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
5/24 c6 1MasterDarkElf
Well, now you're just teasing with Esdeath and Emiya's potential relationship. Really hoping she wants him romantically, kinda like a 'The Apex Predator is the dominant of the relationship' type thing. Looking forward to more!
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