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22h c29 alexc123
thank you for writing this story!
2/26 c29 Guest
Finally a story that doesn't go straight into smut you sir have are a intellectual
2/26 c29 Guest
most mature and best writer on this platform, have read more than 1000 fics on this website, never read fic like this which is actually ff.
2/25 c29 RandoFox
That bench is seeing some action
2/25 c29 Terracotta Tortilla
Computers fry when given too much info to process at a time. Eren's mind is doing the same, with the path giving him several lifetimes worth of info he really shouldn't have. To know so much that it hurts, to know everything is predetermined, no wonder he broke.

Good chapter.
2/25 c29 Kalstorm99
Beautiful chapter, glad to see some insight into how the Path has altered Eren and limited him as a person in sense, also really enjoyed Kuroka as a character, she feels like a real person rather than a caricature of one like in Canon.
2/25 c29 Funny-Little-Cute White Fox
Are we going to see whether he lives or dies at the end of the story?
2/25 c29 Reader20448
Good chapter.
2/25 c29 231reinDank
Dude rlly cooking hard
2/19 c20 Sagittipotenta
Welp, that killed my interest. Waaaay too convenient.
2/18 c28 1The Avenging Titan
If Mikasa doesn't get a chapter dedicated to her reaction to Rias's words then it will be a missed opportunity. There is NO way that she would miss this particular phrase.
2/18 c28 angrypotatoe
Good chapter
2/18 c28 Erratically
Them's fightin' words Rias! Hopefully that promise doesn't end as tragically as Eren's did. Great chapter!
2/18 c28 Kalstorm99
Great chapter, glad to see Rias have a more meaningful dream than her canon one, and super happy to see Sona actually put forth her dream with the real intention to achieve it.
2/18 c28 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter Seekvaira is finally introduced I loved her persona and from her art with the mecha believed she’s better than the author allowed her to be, from novel i believe Sona did successfully build Aurora Academy but I don’t remember her making big changes before the EXE sequel which I know nothing about.
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