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for Cross Purposes

5/3 c8 The Timeline
Love it it’s so good that i want annie to achieve her goals or at least survive and not die
5/3 c5 The Timeline
Damn even if it wasn’t the goal he smart to tell the truth without knowing it
3/13 c7 Combi1223311
keep up the good work
3/3 c7 3XXxxxadisxxxXX
Overall, I like it a lot. I didn't notice any errors at all and it was a pleasant read all throughout. It's still pretty short word count-wise, but the pacing is good enough for the reader to get a feel for the story, so props for that. It's fairly rare when I discover a fic in which I don't think of at least one scene inside of it being superfluous. Anyway, I'll bookmark this and read it as along as the fic updates reasonably for the chapter size. Until then...

2/26 c7 5Oramudadora
Ah, its about time Kirito finally starts realizing he's no longer in a game, now he's actually in a different world all together!

great chapter as always.
2/25 c7 1The Dark Sapphire
The humor went well in this chapter!
2/25 c7 Cosmiz
Like that Kirito is finally realizing he might be in real life so I wonder what actions he’ll take going forward now that he’s realized this
1/28 c5 Ankar6
Гreat story
1/17 c5 The Dark Sapphire
Good chapter. Though why did titans get the drop on Kirito twice here? He has his search skill. He should have at least been aware after the first one got to him.
1/16 c5 UseFistNotMouth
I am so happy you are continuing this. Also, props for making the "language barrier" something a bit more unique.

Omake: If Kirito's game abilities have been shunted to Ymir's Authority in the Paths, she's going to need a "secretary" to keep up with these pop-up windows. Maybe Yui will apply for the position? Ymir could certainly benefit from a Mental Health Counseling Program, after all.
1/10 c4 away5826
loved this
12/1/2023 c4 dirgory
It’s a pity that this fiction is without much appreciation yet. In any case, I really liked it. And I believe that you, the author, should know this.

Unfortunately, I can only imagine characters faces and reaction when Kirito reveals that he is from the *Floating* Castle. And he doesn’t even need explain about the game itself. The whole puzzle fits together so perfectly. Inhabitants of the island would never have thought that another civilization could already exist on such *island* of safety.

"No wonder they wouldn't know about the titans".

Just like the opposite for Kirito "lore" view point of "Aincrads folk".

"In my mind, I knew there had to be a surface, but I never thought I'd end up there."

By the way, it would be cool if Kirito suddenly couldn’t open the game menu... And that his HUD has been missing for some time... And as for the search skill, he just knew that there were titans there...
I think that if you abstract away from game elements, then your story will only become more immersive, and in general it will become more, um.. need a word, *significant* for the hero. It's different to fight with systems tricksantweaks and without it.

Im glad that I found. You make my imagination work. Thanks
11/6/2023 c2 The Dark Sapphire
Surprisingly good start so far. The humor is nice, the character dynamics are good, and the action is well written. Though I do feel like Kirito should have figured out something is wrong by now.

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