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for Itachi in a World of Titans

2/8 c4 efim3ro
Necesito traductor para leer tu fanfic pero me encanta, ojala puedas seguir actualizando 3
11/21/2023 c4 keybladelight
Now I'm curious to see knowing Itachi he will be seen in paradise Island as humanity demon savior because of the sharingans and is chakra hope that the ladies young and older have a fan love crush on Itachi he was always the ladies fan clubs hope Petra blushing when she see how handsome Itachi will be when he grows up.

Hope you do more man this is potential story I see and I want to see more since both series as ended want to see how you gonna make Itachi end the wars like Naruto did.
11/19/2023 c4 3Curiosityisthecat
Well this is certainly interesting!
The idea, the settingthis story is going to be a treat!
I'll definitely be waiting for more updates!
Thank you!
11/16/2023 c4 to read upsidedown
amazing! i love it. keep up the good work
11/15/2023 c4 AccursedReader
Interesting developments in this story. Honestly I believe the story will be better if you DON'T nerf Itachi. God knows there's few stories with him in crossovers. Try taking some inspiration from that new bleach fanfic, it doesn't matter if the MC is op because they are op. Otherwise you might be stuck in the first arc of AoT for years if your character had to be nerfed. and even then Ninjas are cool because of chakra not having it is just boring and no one really wants to read a story about knives flying.
11/14/2023 c1 HemangSen
This is an amazing idea . In hope you continue it
11/12/2023 c4 OMG fanfic
Updates are fast and pacing is good. Nice
11/12/2023 c4 KuramaUchiha7
I'm loving how fast the updates are coming so far, and the writing quality seems to be improving pretty quickly. However, I have to say I'm getting pretty worried about how overpowered Itachi seems so far. Yeah, it's Itachi and imagining him not being overpowered is pretty hard, but a protagonist can only get so strong before conventional storytelling gets thrown out the window. I for one think you could tell a perfectly reasonable story here with Itachi having zero chakra at all. He'd most likely be stronger than Levi just based on his experience as a ninja within no time, and we all know Levi's no joke in universe. Giving him an absolutely minuscule chakra pool, just enough for sticking to surfaces or coating a kunai or two in chakra would, with Itachi's tactical intelligence, believably make him one of the most dangerous individuals in the series. I think if Itachi stays as strong as you're making him you're gonna run into a problem keeping the stakes high in any fight you put him in, and thinking up some way to believably nerf his chakra pool should be pretty high on your list of priorities if you want this story to stretch to any significant length.
11/6/2023 c1 OMG fanfic
Please continue it was nice reaging your great idea

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