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for Thy Rusted Knight

2/17 c3 AnosDT95
For a moment I hoped older Jaune would merge with/replace the present one.
And another Instructor/teacher Jaune...

Another disappontment, might read the next chapter, but I don't have high hopes.
2/13 c3 kentucky fan
Can't wait for more
2/13 c3 1Deans1000
Perfect partner Pyrha
2/4 c3 The Parzivals
Nice chaptef i love it
1/31 c3 Maximusthenoble
Know it’s boring and cliche but still hope for Pyrrha to revive and have Arkos squared. Great premise and good story.
1/27 c3 Zenhope
I know that I should wait for the next chapter before I judge but I am already tired of seeing an older jaune becoming an instructor again and again.
I mean what are the chances that everyone who writes jaune back in time has the same idea?
But I will atleast read the next few chapters before deciding.
1/28 c3 neo117ifuckinghatentr
you were trying to cross the border, right
1/28 c3 Midnight49
THIS STORY IS GETTING HYPE. I wonder what Salem will think when the Jabberwalker appears near Salem. She would initially think that its a weird Grimm until it starts talking.

Hopefully them bonding will fix the Jabberwalker’s speech pattern. Or hell keep it that way Salem needs to use her brain more.
1/28 c3 MrOutsider
Amazing fic. I love the themes and can't think of what your planning next.
1/27 c3 1SentinalSlice
Since all the others are getting an animal like companion, I feel like it would only be fair if Jaune got Juniper back. It wouldn’t make sense for Jaune to get a human partner, especially since he is the champion of the everafter, so a resident of the everafter like Juniper would fit the best, not to mention, Juniper was technically Jaune’s longest existing partner.
I do like that Jaune can mess with magic now, can he use magic too?
Also, I love that he didn’t just replace his last self.
1/27 c1 SentinalSlice
Will Jaune meet his old friends again? The ones who fell?
1/27 c3 OrphanSlayer
Can't wait for RK Jaune to pull a "I am you" on young Jaune.
1/27 c3 ZeroCookies
Wtf is this it’s all over the place
1/27 c3 AsynchronousTextureStreaming
Ah okay thanks for clarifying it wasn't a reaction fic. I'd basically immediately unfollowed bc I thought it was one. Looks to be really interesting so far. I wonder how the orignal Jaune is going to react when he finds out.
1/27 c3 0GeNoX0
The review system on this site sucks...
Since you've added Neo to the mix, it's probably her who will be his partner.
As I said It's either Arkos or a bust, since it's tagged as Arkos I'm expecting it otherwise I'm out
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