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4/1 c3 imperator277
A very good story. I really hope you update soon.
1/21 c3 Kamizuma24
still no update
12/20/2023 c1 Dasgun
12/15/2023 c3 Guest
I hope that Norrin tells everyone the truth about himself next chapter.
12/14/2023 c3 1Puko6lud
Finally, thanks a lot!
I should note that Norrin revealed his secret quite epically, like Kanan Jarus in Rebels, and even better!
But I can assume that such changes will not go unnoticed by both the Order and the servants of the Demon Lady. Fanatics will obviously want to put a bigger figure against the Jedi - a hero, which also won't work. And in the case of demons, then surely some messenger from the face of the demonic faction of Radicals will appear soon...
As for the new companions of Norrin themselves, the Jedi will also have to work hard to explain their origin, after which the first will clearly have to significantly change their opinion about their new friend...
12/13/2023 c3 FriendlyShadows
Thanks for the chapter author, I like how you're making the story and the paced of it, also. Elisa shall get what she wants now :)
12/13/2023 c3 13ideal man
the dark side is a pathway to abilities some might consider unnatural also wouldn't this story work better for a sith I was under the impression the Jedi didn't show emotion or indulge in carnage activities like sex drugs and what have you not and this being MGE seems like the least Jedi like place a in character Jedi would be but a sith yeah the sith is into passion and stuff right
12/13/2023 c3
Great job with this chapter, by the way saw the trailer. By the way what about A Song of Ice, Fire, and Beskar, Venom ga Kill, Mass Avengers Effect, Beetle of the Night, Dragons and Transformers, My Hero Academia: Apocalypse, Justice Among the Stars, Transformers TxD, Task Force SG-X, Spider-Man Beyond, A New Kind of Game, A Look into the Beyondverse, and Young Alien Justice? I’m sure you had plans and your stories are awesome. Anyway keep up with the good work.
12/13/2023 c3 554godamora
This. This is just what I needed today! As soon as I saw the Force being used to save a life, I started humming the Force theme. . until I started playing a version of that during the battle.

And I agree- a lightsaber can easily cut through Middle Age-era metal. And this is going to have some repercussions both sides of the moral coin in this world. Some good, some bad.

Thank you for the early Christmas gift.
12/6/2023 c2 Bolvar57
Solo contaron lo malo, la orden tiene razón al exterminar al mamono, básicamente ellas quieren 'monstruoficar' a la humanidad exterminandola. ¿Ven la amenaza? Norrin es ingenuo y joven lo que es peor, no tiene la experiencia de su maestro y eso lo hace fácilmente manipulable
12/2/2023 c1 13ideal man
I would very much like for the empire to arrive an fuck shit up but that's just me this is your story bro
12/2/2023 c2 ideal man
ah another weakling I see Jedi scum the lot of them
12/2/2023 c1
By the way I noticed you add Marvel and Dc crossover I wonder how will create that story? Since Blue Beetle movie on HBO Max and Marvel What If Season 2 coming out this month, what of your Beetle of the Night and A Look Into the Beyondverse? Keep up with the good work.
11/21/2023 c2 Guest
Delilah appears to be a dhampire I guess?
11/19/2023 c1 1Puko6lud
And how interesting will people react to Power techniques when Norrin uses them: hypnosis, telekinesis, animal control, healing, etc.?
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