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for Alpha and Omega HS: Renegades

1/20 c4 8MatbeK01
What sports do Kate and Hutch do?
11/19/2023 c4 Guest
So my boy Humphrey is worried about a whore. Haha oh man he needs to learn a few things. One is Kate is the town bicycle. So if he gets her in bed. He better run off after that lol. But the biggest lesson is if she has not a virgin. That whore belongs in the streets!
11/18/2023 c3 troygroomes9398
hm me thinks kate needs a backhand from eve
11/17/2023 c2 troygroomes9398
awesome chapter ,

I wonder if Kate is gonna realize Humphrey I'd the one for her
11/16/2023 c1 The Return of the Enclave
Welcome back
11/16/2023 c1 troygroomes9398
glad to see you back bud, awesome first chapter. hope to see more

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