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for Naruto the wind god

12/31/2023 c1 Master777vip0000
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11/25/2023 c1 Really
Dude... isn't a forum!
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11/22/2023 c1 Guest
But this is not a challenge, it's not even a story idea. A plot cannot be forged solely on what the mc can do; this is secondary. It's like building a chair that is missing three legs.
Anyway, this is not the place to suggest it. Posting anything other than a story is not allowed. If everyone did the same, fanfiction would become unnavigable.
11/23/2023 c1 jimmy.deacetis
It would be interesting and with Ino even more so because with Hinata the story can get boring if she stays similar to the canon story for too long. Unfortunately I'm not good at writing, but I hope someone wants to write this story. Maybe you can add that it's a passable bloodline to children and not that Naruto has learned something that other more experienced shinobi can't do. Of course Naruto has to train to learn how to use it, but this way I think it works more than something everyone can do, but doesn't train enough for no reason. The bloodline would be created with the union of the Namikaze and Uzumaki DNA.
11/22/2023 c1 4JediMasterAJKNIGHT
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11/22/2023 c1 f46adpg
I do not think that writing a story like this would be easy on anyone. Especially because a Naruto of that caliber means all his opponents upto someone like Itachi and Kisame are defeated with relative ease.
A Naruto that powerful wouldn't have to struggle and hence no life lessons and there's also the fact over how you can explain a 5 year old doing something that 27 year old adults struggle to do. which means he either has to be a sensei at the age of 13? or a side character totally so you can actually write some drama or adventure without steamrolling through every hurdle his team or he himself faces.
And there aren't even references to go on certain tangents because the only anime that has done even remotely close to things like this is One Punch Man.
Oh and actually wind is a lot stronger than gravity. It's just that you can't feel it on earth because of relatively low weight of the atmosphere and your body being accustomed to it. Even a slight change would probably kill most of humanity in minutes if you actually calculate the numbers. Again I'm not criticizing you just telling you that it's hard to write based on just how powerful a character do you want to create. Of course he can just eventually learn it and that would make sense as he grows up and not be dragged down because Kishimoto just wanted his favourite character to be more powerful and badass.
But I will say that your pressure idea is very good for incorporating them into jutsus rather than "elemental mastery"
11/22/2023 c1 Guest
Make this a naruhina.

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