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12/14/2003 c5 strangerthanthou
nani? is too good! and it's super original. i just wish you had been able to show inuyasha's thoughts some how. i loved the epilogue, that was super sweet!
10/2/2003 c5 Kadie
OMG I loved that good job You did great ...:-)
7/24/2003 c1 93Melissa Norvell
Hmm...This is quite original. I've never seen a fic like this before. It's cute.

I hope you'll read some of my fics.

~Miroku Houshi-chan~
7/23/2003 c5 Cthulhu
Hey, Great story. I was hopping to see more interaction between Misao and Inuyasha... Oh well, It's still a nice story.

And if you want more readers, you should try making longer chapters for your stories.
7/22/2003 c4 Zoutou
::Tears in eyes:: Oh that story is so sad! The goot thing was the Misao learned to love her new husband. The really cool thing about this story is that it really could have happend! (Who knows, it could have really happend...) ^-^ Ay! I love this story! Though I am curious to know if at the end, did Inuyasha Recognize Misao? ^-^

~Zoutou the OOkami
7/15/2003 c3 Cthulhu
Nice. Keep up the good work. I'm curious if Misao is still alive during Kagome's trip to the past, certainly it seems possible and I think that's where this story is heading.

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