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12/6/2023 c2 Agent023
I like how they connect immediately, it is refreshing to read easy going start. It was interesting introducing Chloe's backstory. Now, Stave is certainly adorable, that how I imagine him too, and I agree they did him dirty, that wasn't satisfying ending for him at all. About Sharon it will be interesting to your version of her and Wanda. this was about plot.

Now writing side, the style is little inexperienced and needs to polished but you have a great potential, and I am sure you will better it eventually, and more writing is best way for it. The dialogues is good but it will be better if you try to dwell in their inside thoughts too. It will slow down the pace for smother read. This is my opinion but it's your story and only you know where you will take it, and I don't know maybe you need it to be fast paced.

overall, good chapter, I will be here on next chapter, I really like Chloe's character and looking forward to her and Steve's romance blossoming to something wonderful.ꈍᴗꈍ)
12/6/2023 c2 Agent023
I am curious if you have account on Ao3 too, because ffn is breaking down, there to many bugs
11/26/2023 c1 Agent023
Great writing, I liked details, it was really easy to imagine Chloe fussing around the apartment and their meeting it was like watching a movie. For me that a really good start, well done.
first chapter and I already love Chloe (ᴗ)

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