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12/25/2023 c1 Pixie Duck
/ Shirou/Multi.

Before reading anything. Is this like On Wings of Steel where you have girls with Shirou sleeping around and then pretend that it was never Shirou/Girls and anyone calling you out is sexist even so regardless both Rider and Rin are NOT the type to sleep around and you ruined their characters?

Or is this strictly Shirou only?
12/17/2023 c1 DracoKing30
really love this story can't wait for new chapters
12/11/2023 c1 Zukafew119
Interesting to see you do another Fate Stay Night Fanfiction but this time going the Medea rout with Shiro. Which is a VERY rare thing to do on this site, only 2 I really remember being Fate Stay Night Medea Caster route by AquilaBosniaca and Path of the King by Neoalfa for Shiro and Medea as the main pairing (Shiro may have other lovers but Medea is number 1).
Its interesting how Medea in this story goes quickly to seduce him and tries to dominate him with making addicted to her body. I do like why Medea does not use mind magic to dominate him is because she is truly grateful they brought her to the temple where it could sustain her enough to be active enough by herself, he is decent person and she finds him physically attractive where she wants him to be her partner subordinate to her. I do like how Medea gives Shiro a true smile because he honestly says she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

I do find it amusing and actually totally plausible that Shinji Matou would leave his porn stash at Shiro’s place occasionally and that’s how Shiro learned enough about sex to help him out her in the present. I do like how Medea is surprised how this Shiro has a monster cock and probably thanking herself being supernaturally strong to make it much easier take in such a huge cock in her. Most regular woman would need lots time for their bodies to be properly moist and stretch enough so that taking in that monster cock would be very painful and could injure her.

I do find it funny how Medea thinks of Shiro’s cock as a sword, when in the contexts of both his origin and element is sword and that he is an incarnation of the sword. I do like as Medea and Shiro are mating she says to him she may end up falling in love with him due to how well he fucks her but Shiro who is very much enjoying them breeding says that sexual pleasure is not a good reason to fall in love which surprises her in good way. I do like how bitter and jaded Medea is but slowly due to how cute Shiro is, good personality and has giant cock causing her to start to become fond of him.
I do like how in the afterglow of mutual orgasms, its Shiro who recovers first thinking how he does not love her but its totally taken in by her. Then gets a possessive feeling which causes to him to want to mate with Medea again and due to Medea still in the fog of the mind blowing orgasm she just had is totally surprised by Shiro having them switch spots and begins to mate with her again. I do like how Medea shows a different side to her in that she does like getting dominated sexually with the right guy otherwise she wants to be doing the dominating. I do like when Medea tells Shiro she needs him, it triggers his need to help people, so he goes all out to help her needs.

I do like how Shiro is able to dominate Medea by giving her 2 more orgasms, each 1 better than the last and how he both gently and roughly makes love with her. With him pounding her pussy but gently touching other parts of her body with reverence. Also helps when Shiro talking to her sincerely about how beautiful she is, touch her deep down need to have people actually care for her and will not betray her. I do like how Medea knows if she allows him to fill her with his seed again she will totally fixed on him seeing him as her mate. I do like how after the 3rd one she tells Shiro make her his woman and totally giving into the present to enjoy this joy this young man has given to you.
I do like how Shiro has given Medea such joy she probably has not know since sometime before Jason betrayed her if no longer and how this happiness is becoming her true reason why she wants to win the 5th GW not just survival. I do find it interesting how you say the seeds of love for the 2 for each other have been planted, that with proper care it would bear wicked fruits.

Why though does it have to be wicked fruit? Yes if Medea would totally dominant Shiro it could like true out that way but it did not. While she got him addicted to her and addicted to her but it was Medea who was dominated by Shiro by the sexual bliss and him genuinely caring for her has gotten her falling in love for him. Yes in many ways she could make him more selfish, more likely not to evil levels but where he learns pay attention to his needs and not always putting them after the needs of others. That he does deserve happiness, that he can be a hero of justice but can’t save anyone if he is dead or over worked. In adiation to valuing his life, he learns to prioritize first and foremost the lives of the people who he sees as family and friends, then the lives of other people.

Shiro in turn can teach Medea to trust in people again, that she does not need to be the villain people in the past automatically believe she was when she was not. Shiro can help live her 2nd life with new slate and to be the person she wants to be more like the Princess of Colchis and not so much the witch of Betrayal she hates being seen as.
Interesting we get foreshadowing that Medusa will be part of Shiro’s harem, which implies that Sakura will probably be part of it to. After all if anything it would be maybe like Fate Hallow Ataraxia where Medusa is totally into Shiro but it takes Sakura to make Medusa accept she is worthy of happiness and want to share Shiro with Medusa. I will not be surprised if Shiro ends up summoning Artoria and Medea with help of Shiro ends up making Artoria allows herself to be selfish to find pleasure sexual bliss with people who care about her.

I do hope Ayako Mitsuzuri gets some love in this story particularly from Shiro the man who in all routes she desires but outside of maybe Fate Hallow Ataraxia gets no love from him. I totally could see Shiro having a 3 way with both Ayako and Medusa, considering Medusa is attracted to Ayako. I do hope that Shiro with help of Medea would be able to save Bazett from dying terrible death like most Fate Stay Night routes. I would be happy if she just is good friend/ older sister to Shiro or another lover in Shiro’s harem.
It would be interesting to see if this story goes as long your other 2 Fate stories to see how Medea finds a way to purify the GG and getting rid of Angra. Then uses a wish that all the servants that are/were in the 5th GW who want a 2nd life again can with physical bodies like they had when alive. This way Medea and other female servants who to have children with Shiro can do so then. It would be interesting if Cu then if Bazett is still single ends with her, they get married and have children together.
It will be interesting to see how Shiro’s relationship with Illya will be, will it be truly purely sibling or will the 2 not truly see each other as siblings and have romantic feelings with for each other. If you plan on the 2 having romantic relationships with each other, it would be way better if they don’t see each other as siblings especially since they are not genetically related with each other, so in reality it would be totally fine if the 2 become lovers and have children with each other. It will be interesting to see how Medea ends up saving Illya from being a lesser grail and a homunculus. Keep up the awesome work IchaIchasennin, hopefully you will continue this story on this site!
12/11/2023 c1 Sprengkamp
Thanks for the story, and just an sie note do you have a Account on QQ?
12/4/2023 c1 9Dragon Man 180
Interesting. Will Medea teach Shirou any magecraft? And is it wrong I want to see Saber summoned like canon and Shirou pleasing both Medea and Artoria soon after?
12/4/2023 c1 Jojo2424
Great chapter more please
12/3/2023 c1 Shirosaki Kizuro
Im Glad that you're back to write more story
12/3/2023 c1 King0fP0wers
Uhoh. Another shota, huh? Let's see where this goes.
12/3/2023 c1 1OoOXylionOoO
Thanks for the chapter :D
12/3/2023 c1 codywhite162
Excellent first chapter! Definitely looking forward to reading more :) Also good to see Medea will get a happier outcome in this story as well as Medusa when she shows up.
12/2/2023 c1 bestgile
what the f-k?;
12/2/2023 c1 duffhigh702
nice continue
12/2/2023 c1 Dillan97
Author Are you the same one from Ao3? It's to know if you're just revising it here on or if you plan to continue it and give it more than just 3 chapters.
12/2/2023 c1 1tf330129
Keep it up :)

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