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4/14 c24 Knit Bit
Oh my goodness. Your ability to write such wonderful stories, just blows me away. First chapter I’m hooked. I just, this story is letter by letter perfection. I want to read itagain and again. The honesty, the banter, the grief…. I’m speechless.

Thank you, for sharing.
4/9 c24 Neapinea
Cute ending <3
4/9 c24 kelemariemason
This is one of my favorite stories. Loved this so much! It made me laugh and cry. So sweet. Love hownyou wrote the characters.
3/30 c24 Pixie's Mama
*sighing in deep satisfaction*
Loving how you end this one. No high-blood-pressure-inducing confrontation/hysterical shouting match /unending threats lying in waiting. Just the right amount of hilarious, warmth, & lighthearted family dynamics, a pinch of history, a smidge of personal growth, peppered with the perfect hint of unresolved sexual tension. Love it so much! Hugs to you! ;)
3/30 c23 Pixie's Mama
Someone said that an actor gets to live a hundred different lives and learn countless skills by portraying a hundred different characters. I would say a reader gets to experience different relationships through submerging into well-written fictions. THIS offers me such bittersweet father-and-daughter relationship that I grieved for "what could have been." TAT
3/30 c22 Pixie's Mama
The kitchen. The Swans' kitchen. The Cullens' kitchen. I love that interesting things happen and go on in the kitchen. *wink wink*
3/30 c21 Pixie's Mama
OMG! The morphing-two-faces-to-showcase-what-their-future-baby-might-look-like APP takes me right back to a certain era... *shudders*
3/30 c20 Pixie's Mama
If someone did for me what Edward has done for Bella, I might have melted into a gooey puddle right then and there... TAT
3/30 c19 Pixie's Mama
Drunk Bella, with supportive audience and friends around her, is hilarious! XD
3/28 c24 5Aislinn Massi
Thank you so much for creating this! Although is march and i like to read christmas fanfics on december i just couldn’t resist this one, i just needed more since chapter one and loved how the relationship between Edward and Bella was more than just love, it was frindship and companionship. You are ana amazing author!
3/27 c24 keraatchley05
Wonderful chapter! Poor Bella! The kids are hilarious! Can't wait to see what will happen next!
3/16 c24 ellencu
This story was so sweet and so very funny.
This was one of my favorite Edwards.
Thanks for writing.
3/7 c1 QueenGB
I like the punny name of Edwards sisters restaurant. Jane is very devil wears prada isn’t she? I unfortunately worked for someone like her once. I adore their banter.
2/28 c24 susiereckart
YAY! What a great story. I can't believe I have done nothing but read this at work for 3 days. Gah! So worth it though. You got talent chicka! I'm not addicted to the Edward/Bella theme all over again. haha!
2/28 c23 susiereckart
Oh my crying at work doesn't look good especially when you sit inside a "fishbowl". Kudos! Perfection!
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