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for Afterglow

1/7 c24 1JayNahNah
I love it. They’re all adorable
Those little corns have ears.
1/7 c24 pnkats
Liam carries his stool over to the counter and says, "We can have pancakes, but Mommy said she's hungry for dick."

OMG sincerely out of the mouths of babes!

Absolutely lived where they ended up in this chapter. Thanks for sharing this amazing story with us!
1/7 c24 Moltz
Little ears hear everything, hehehe.
What a delightful life they've made for themselves.
1/7 c24 valentinesgenie
So freaking awesome until next time take care.
1/7 c24 Guest
Absolutely amazing! Thank you for the peek!
1/7 c24 Guest
omg hahaha mama want dick.

woohoo! take that Jane! and now Bella is even more successful!
1/7 c24 Bevey99
OMG Great Ending!? These two were perfect together. Love this story to pieces. As always thanks for writing and sharing.
1/7 c24 starsmina
If this is the end, this was hilariously perfect. Just when you think the kids aren’t listening, they hear everything and repeat it, constantl also love that you did have Charlie part of the ending. He was using his magical ways, and made sure that, the first born had his name and features. I really enjoyed the story, thank you so much for writing it. I felt very much in touch with Bella, I just recently lost my mom in July and know what pain she is feeling so much.
1/7 c24 MarSam
Such a sweet story
1/7 c24 Lore562
Lol hungry for Dick
1/7 c24 GetOffMyChick
This was perfection 333333
1/7 c24 SassYNoleS

This chapter was amazing and everything and I just LOVED it!

Thanks for giving us more of our fave couple Xx
1/7 c24 rochinha058
Hahaha that ending was hilarious! Love how great their future turned out!
1/7 c24 Guest
Waiting patiently for twiw, Ha!
I am impatiently waiting.
That was a lovely ending to afterglow.
1/7 c24 julypetunia
These two give me lover by taylor swift vibes and I adoreeee them
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