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1/7 c24 mnnlisa
Loved the resharing of this story. Totally enjoyable from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing again.
1/7 c24 Star White
Thank you for a look into their future. careers have excelled and 3 boys! Wow. how do they like the christmas decor and candy cane lane?
1/7 c24 Star White
Awe ... thank you for a lok into their future. their caree
1/7 c24 cctwilight
Three boys! Love it! This was such a great chapter. I cracked up about the boys hearing what Bella said!
1/7 c24 tunsia
Yup. Snorted while eating pasta. Thanks!
1/7 c24 Teamrob2
1/7 c24 tff000
1/7 c24 1Donut Magnet
Thank you for completing this story, i loved it so much. Are we going to be getting a flash forward to when Charlie goes to therapy after figuring out what dick means along with remembering what his mum said that one tome before Christmas!
1/7 c24 debslmac
:) :)
1/7 c24 Mistydeb
Lmao, you can’t say anything in earshot of kids. 3 lads to run rampant round the house, wow, that’ll be fun when they get older. So glad Jane got her comeuppance, she deserved to lose her job for all the shit she pulled and whoop whoop for Bella getting a writing job. Debbie
1/7 c24 8Heewonjay
Yes! A perfect little glimpse into their future. I was hoping we’d get a little epilogue with maybe an engagement/marriage or little baby but this is so much better. Not only are they married but 3 little guys! So much more than I could have asked for. The names and their features are so cute. She loved her dad so much, I love that she honored him. I also love that they’re just forever surrounded by cockblockers lolol

This man…the fact that he was already looking at other jobs and that he said he would even work as a barista if he had to just so she could live that dream job. This man is so selfless and also really good at preparing for the future lol Its dope she was able to turn her grief into something so positive. I’d subscribe to that podcast for sure. A Netflix romcom? Um, YES. Bella and Edward’s story would make such a good movie. We need bring back the era of cute and funny romcoms.

I nearly hacked up a lung laughing at their babies saying their mom was hungry for dick. Ah, this was so fun! They make such cute parents. I would love another futuretake bc I love these two and I don’t wanna let them go lol

Thank you for the update!
1/7 c24 Flippysten
Loved that Bella published her book and has a podcast to help with grief. Loved loved them them having three boys although their little cockblockers, oh the joys of having kids ; ) Edward's still so sweet planning a date night? Lol at Alice spilling the beans ; )

Loved that Charlie was born on her dads birthday, my son was also born on my dad's bday, he's actually his mini me.

Sad to see this end, would love to have a future take.
1/7 c24 Ldroz
Love! Love!Love! I can keep on reading about them like forever!
1/7 c24 LunaSimones Pen
I was grinning from ear to ear reading this whole chapter.

They got married and had three beautiful boys.

And Edward is the sweetest… he left his job so Bella could have her dream job and so they could continue to be a couple. I freaking LOVE him ️

Bella’s career has taken off to be more than she expected. So, Jane the Stain did play a small positive part… but she’s still a b*tch!

The kids chanting, ‘I want d*ck’… that’s funny as hell!

This is one of my many favorite stories you’ve written. I laughed and cried. The best of both worlds. I’ve REALLY enjoyed this E & B… I’m going to miss them and their banter.

1/7 c24 ChristyWIX
Such a great family they’ve got. The three boys are fun. One of each resembling themselves and a combo package, niiiice. I love how well Bella and Edward have done in their careers. It was really good to read Sue apologized after learning the others come forward with complaints. I love knowing Jane got canned for her crap. Don’t need anything extra written about her, this was enough. Bella even got the dream job she was striving for offered immediately by up for the wrongful termination. Very sweet of her to not say yes to Sue straight away and checking with Edward since they were very much together. His having interviews already set up and waiting was wonderful. He knew them working there together would eventually become an issue and he was already ahead of it. They’ve created a great life together and I am so happy for them. Loved this extra shot of this story. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. xo ~Christy
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