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1/7 c24 ChristyWIX
Such a great family they’ve got. The three boys are fun. One of each resembling themselves and a combo package, niiiice. I love how well Bella and Edward have done in their careers. It was really good to read Sue apologized after learning the others come forward with complaints. I love knowing Jane got canned for her crap. Don’t need anything extra written about her, this was enough. Bella even got the dream job she was striving for offered immediately by up for the wrongful termination. Very sweet of her to not say yes to Sue straight away and checking with Edward since they were very much together. His having interviews already set up and waiting was wonderful. He knew them working there together would eventually become an issue and he was already ahead of it. They’ve created a great life together and I am so happy for them. Loved this extra shot of this story. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. xo ~Christy
1/7 c24 3Sazzledazzled
OMG! Absolutely howling LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!
1/7 c24 teacher1209
If how funny, little one take are cute!
1/7 c24 Cullenosopy
Hungry for dick! Momma want dick! Hilarious! Lucky Edward! Perfectly matched couple. Thank you for the laughs and emotional eye moisture. If you have a hankering to torture Jane, have at it.

Thanks again!
1/7 c24 NeeNee246
OHSWEETBABYJESUS! I am LMAO! OMG! This is so fantastic! Thank you for sharing this story and these characters with us! ;)
1/7 c24 18EriCastelo
Wow, they sure have done well for themselves, hehehe three kids, dream jobs and they still love each other. Loved it. Thank you so much for finishing this story. And I wish and we could know something about Jane, it wouldn't be bad but I'll leave that up to you.
1/7 c24 jaspee
Kids are hilarious, great chapter.
1/7 c24 37Sarai Masen
Three boys, my gosh! I'm exhausted just thinking about it lol
Thank you so much for this futuretake, giving us a glimpse of their family, their love and how horny Bella is still is hahaha
1/7 c24 tonerlady
My heart 3 gawd I love these two. Love the direction you took them and the three boys. Loved everything about Charlie, the podcast, the movie, how The Moth effected her life and future! Absolutely you need a future take because we need an Edward POV! Thank you so much for writing this wonderful story. Don't ever give up because you will always have readers who will devour whatever you write.
1/7 c24 lavalamplove
i wasn’t actually expecting more from these two but i’m so pleasantly surprised! years later and they’re still sweet enough to make my teeth hurt. thank you!
1/7 c24 they call me red
Oh my gosh great future take with the crotch goblins talking about mommy wants dick. This feels like something that has happened to anyone with kids. Very relatable.
1/7 c24 Nikki1219
Ha, that was great. I love their little family. Thank you for your words
1/7 c24 lillianolivia.white
OMG, I almost wet my pants when Liam said the “Momma wants dick fro breakfast”! These adorable boys. And both Edward and Bella have done so well for themselves. They have a wonderful life. I was glad old Jane got canned. This has been the story we all needed at this time. Thank you so much, Meg.
1/7 c24 princeselisa
That was hilarious! I would love to see another. Especially with Jane. Thank you
1/7 c24 helenemc
IO can never have enough of these two! Thank you.
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