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1/7 c24 52old4fanfic
Love it! Glad they got a HEA but are still their sassy selves. And the baby will be telling everyone mommy wants dick, that’s just the way kids work
1/7 c24 MssL
perfect ending to this sweet love story.
1/7 c24 edwards-debussy
LOL - thank you!
1/7 c24 AmandaCat
Loved this! They had a very happy ending!
1/7 c24 Beignet
1/7 c24 Dollybigmomma
I hear spotted dick is delicious, a real British treat. Sounds like something you'd need antibiotics for in my opinion...
1/7 c24 Nance10
What a happy new year treat!
Thank you!
1/7 c24 Oaklandblackouts
this was perfect
1/7 c24 carmelia
Thank you for a good wonderful story!
1/7 c24 Mom23xx
On the floor dying! So happy she found her way!
1/7 c24 AnakinSmom
Lovely wrap up to their story! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
1/7 c24 4guineagoo
This is my favorite type of epilogues/futuretakes LOL love it, thanks for the update!
1/7 c24 MsLiss
Gold star banter
Thank you so much
1/7 c24 joyosix
Love this for them! And us too! Glad Bella became so successful when she could embrace her self
Worth and value. And Edward he’s the man!
Thanks for it all.
1/7 c24 BurchGirl
Mannnnn. This was a happy surprise! So glad this story brought you joy. Sure as hell brought us a ton of joy, too. More epis? Are you kidding?! I dare say I speak for most of your devoted readers/fans in saying we’ll always want more of pretty much anything you write. Thanks for this fabulous look into their future. *hug*
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