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1/7 c24 1TMart37
1/7 c24 12Eternally Addicted
Awe was a wonderful glimpse into their future. I absolutely love where their careers have gone, Bella is going great things with hers. And OMFG! Momma want dick! DED! Bet there's never a dull moment in that house with 3 boys. I am so greedy, I don't want it to end and yet I want more TWIW too. Thank you so much for sharing their story with us. I am hoping for more! Loved it.
1/7 c24 22beegurl13
Awwwwww, look at all the little Bella and Edward babies! I love them! And seriously, it's like they know when their parents are trying to have some alone time. Every. Single. Time. :D
I'm so glad Bella got the happy life she was missing, and that Edward is as good to her as I knew he would be.:)
Bring on some scorned Jane! Let's see how miserable her life turned out to be. :D
1/7 c24 traceybuie
That was a great happy ending. Thanks for writing and sharing this story with us. :)
1/7 c24 breakawaygirl
Hahaha, fucking kids, I swear. The eternal cockblockers for real! Loved these two so damn much, you write some of the best characters. I was a little confused for a sec, I thought this one took place in New York, then it said Seattle in this chapter. Minor detail, who cares, it was great! Lol
1/7 c24 marigold123
Crisis averted! Ha! All boys…gah! Bella and Edward have a sweet family and a good life. Yay!

This was a treat! Thank you! Thank you for writing.
1/7 c24 Jenycullen
Yay! Wonderful little glimpse into their lives, i just love them!
1/7 c24 CynMar Rom
Awwwwww. I LOVED this! IloveitIloveitIloveit! I'm so happy and giddy for them. That was beautiful! If you have it in your heart to share what happened to Jane, I'd be delighted, but don't feel pressured. This was more than enough for my happily ever after loving heart. Thanks for sharing!
1/7 c24 2Sunflower Fran
Of that was perfect.
You always get it right.
1/7 c24 JentheBaker
Ha ha a ha ha! Freaking DYING! Of course, the kids are going to pick that up.

I love these two weird, fun, flirty, sweet, sexy goofballs. I love their partnership and how supportive they are of each other. And I love this glimpse into their future…and knowing that even though their lives have changed, they really haven’t. They’ve just gotten better and stronger!

Thank you so much for posting this! If you have another one up your sleeve, you know we’ll eat it up with a spoon!
1/7 c24 6Payton79
Awww! How perfectly imperfectly normal. I love those two, and I'll definitely be here for any future take you may throw us.
1/7 c24 1edaddict3254
This is one of my absolute favorite chapters even if it does mean we're at the end. I have loved every minute of this story with these amazing characters you created and shared with us. It was the best Christmas gift!

As per use this chapter had me laughing my ass off! Alice's gift comes in at one of the all time best gift giving moments, not to be overshadowed by Edward and Bella's three little cockblockers.

I loved seeing how you told of Bella's rise and success in an industry she always dreamed of being a part of and the wonderful and unexpected inception and success of her podcast. You know Charlie was with her every step of the way, watching her, cheering for her and loving her. I am jealous of a fictional character/family, lol!

Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent. ILY woman!
1/7 c24 7Lizzie Paige
Loved, loved, loved! Awww, three little men, that’s precious. I absolutely love it when we get a little Charlie Mk2!
Thanks for sharing this little sneak peek into their future, I’d happily read about these guys forevaaaah! :) x
1/7 c24 KTNCullen
lol that was freakin hilarious! Mommas hungry for dick. BWAHAHAHA! I love love love their sweet little life and all their little guys. And I adore the path Bella’s taken as well. Of COURSE, Edward would’ve left to help Bella reach her dream! And the fact that he’s still so supportive and perfect? SWOOOOON!
Thank you so so much for this today! The sort truly was a special warm bright snuggly spot in December, and it’s perfect that we got this my last day of break.
Thank you Meg! I hope this new year brings you so much happiness! (And selfishly more words from you for us Lol)
Thank you!
1/7 c24 Romana973
Thanks for a great chapter!
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