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3/28 c24 5Aislinn Massi
Thank you so much for creating this! Although is march and i like to read christmas fanfics on december i just couldn’t resist this one, i just needed more since chapter one and loved how the relationship between Edward and Bella was more than just love, it was frindship and companionship. You are ana amazing author!
3/27 c24 keraatchley05
Wonderful chapter! Poor Bella! The kids are hilarious! Can't wait to see what will happen next!
3/16 c24 ellencu
This story was so sweet and so very funny.
This was one of my favorite Edwards.
Thanks for writing.
3/7 c1 QueenGB
I like the punny name of Edwards sisters restaurant. Jane is very devil wears prada isn’t she? I unfortunately worked for someone like her once. I adore their banter.
2/28 c24 susiereckart
YAY! What a great story. I can't believe I have done nothing but read this at work for 3 days. Gah! So worth it though. You got talent chicka! I'm not addicted to the Edward/Bella theme all over again. haha!
2/28 c23 susiereckart
Oh my crying at work doesn't look good especially when you sit inside a "fishbowl". Kudos! Perfection!
2/28 c22 susiereckart
What a heart warming chapter. Keep going...
2/28 c21 susiereckart
Awe! So glad they finally got to exchange Christmas presents! :)
2/28 c20 susiereckart
Tears! I have tears! What a great present. I mean we all know Edward is a keeper ALWAYS, but Damn!
2/27 c19 susiereckart
Woohoo! Great chapter! So well written. Such a rockstar. Jane sucks! ;)
2/27 c16 susiereckart
Oh no! WTH? I'm right in this with Bella! Chapter 16 was something I wasn't expecting. Poor Bella
2/27 c15 susiereckart
I don't think I can make it until Christmas for them to get together. Ugh.
2/27 c13 susiereckart
Stupid?! Directionless?! Boring?! You've got to be kidding, right? I love the banter, I love the cockblocks, I love ALICE! haha! Love this story, keep going!
2/26 c11 susiereckart
Awe so sweet! Perfect way to finish their day. Phenomenal job!
2/26 c10 susiereckart
You write so well. So tickled you are back in the saddle with this one!
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