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for Afterglow

1/2 c23 QueElle
So heartwarming! I love this story!
1/2 c23 Connachtpa
Yup I’m crying. Thanks for sharing this fun and beautiful story.
1/2 c23 J Chesney
Okay, I'm bawling like a baby at Christmas mass. Damn I love this story!
1/2 c23 Guest
That was beautiful .was it petty to want to see if Jane gets her just desserts?
1/2 c23 flecour
man you got me crying at work...the ultimate no no lol
1/2 c23 24Fyrebyrd
:'( Yep, I had to wipe my cheeks this time.
Damn, beagle, that was so freaking beautiful.
I loved it!

And I DO want an epi, mostly for the work/book info it would contain :)
1/2 c22 Fyrebyrd
Hahaha I knew it... was it Mr. I Promise Not to Overstep again?

1/2 c21 Fyrebyrd
That baby shit was hilarious, and how refreshing to see a happy couple who don't want kids because that's totally okay too.

And the sex, maginfique! Next...
1/2 c20 Fyrebyrd
*criessssss almost tears* Damn, you, Beagle! This was good and so, so damn close. *blinks them away*

1/2 c19 Fyrebyrd
Oh gahhhh, go Bellllla!

1/2 c23 Rita01tx
Oh, wow! Bella's monologue was a real tearjerker, made even more of one because of the tradition Charlie left about callin' Bella's name every year! Lovely way to end this wonderful story *sniff!*
1/2 c18 Fyrebyrd
Bwahahahaha oh lord, this sounds promising...

1/2 c23 7TeamAllTwilight
OMG ... okay a few things. I loved this story it is great! I want to know what happened to Jane in the exit interview. I was at work finishing this and had to write off the tears as allergies. I absolutely FLOVE this story and will be recommending it. You're a wonderful writer and I just love the quirkiness of the characters in this story!
1/2 c17 24Fyrebyrd
Awww, they so cute! I love her "let me be mad" stance and him so cutely going along. I mean, how dare he!? But again, she probs wouldn't have, so... LOVED IT!

1/2 c23 Kimmie50
What a wonderful chapter. I would love to read an epi if you can provide one. Just to see their future, even though we know they'll be together, its nice to see.
Thank you!
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