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1/2 c16 24Fyrebyrd

Boom, beagle! Now that's how you drop a bomb lolol.

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

1/2 c15 Fyrebyrd
Hahaha I love her family. It's always awesome to see B with that strong family unit like E always has with the Cullens! Love it... and there's so much more for me to read!

1/2 c23 DinaMarie-86
Perfect. I'm not crying, you're crying. I didn't want it to end :) While I love your angst, I also adore your sweet tooth. LOL. I would never turn down an epi to read, even though that was a perfect ending. Maybe more weirdo Bella and swoony Edward with twins... Hey, it could happen to them too! Make it triplets! I know, I know, pushing it.. hahaha.
Thank you and Happy New Year.
1/2 c23 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
And now…I’M bawling!
1/2 c22 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Awe, snap! I had a feeling someone was going to put her name into the mix…
1/2 c23 Star White
thank god fr tissues. you did good with this sweet holiday story. it was fun, sweet, sad and heartfelt. no Epi neede. but i am pictuing a Future Outake/chapter of alice and bella babies as little children enjoying the deorations. Happ 2024
1/2 c23 2NKubie
Although I always love a good epi, I'm not sure this story needs it. And it's especially poignant to me this year. Thank you so much for this belated Christmas gift! I'm verklempt now.

Happy New Year!
Stay safe and well!
1/2 c23 VWatt
Loved this story! Definitely tearing up during the final chapter. Fingers crossed for an epilogue if only to hear more from these characters. And maybe to find out what happens with Jane…
1/2 c23 Guest
This has become my favourite fan fiction. It's heartwarming and just a brilliant story, would have loved to know what happened with Jane.
1/2 c23 kareng
Omg! I have not cried that hard since my parents died, 30yrs ago. Thank you! what a great story and tearful HEA.

Have a great new year. I hope you don't stop writing twilight fanfiction. But whatever you decide, best wishes with your endeavors.

karen guist
1/2 c23 Moltz
Awe man….I'm snot sobbing as this beautiful Christmas story comes to a close.
What a wonderful twist at the end.
Thank you!
1/2 c23 rdean87
what a great storyand im a crying mess. i lost my dad on christmas eve 2008 very suddenly so i can completely understand losing that bit of christmas magic. It wasnt until i had my children that i got back into the christmas spirit, and even then it can get a little difficult to celebrate like i used to.
i would love to see what happened with Jane and also Garrett aswell if you do do a epi, but even if you dont, what a great way to finish this story. xx
1/2 c23 BurchGirl
Holy cow! Finally reading this. Wow. Just amazing. I’m straight up ugly crying. That was beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much for giving us this gift. As for an epi… hell yeah! But as you said, only if it feels right. Big hearts and big hugs. Thank you, again!
1/2 c23 1Alice's White Rabbit
Oh, Meg, that was beautiful! I'm full-out bawling now.

1/2 c22 Alice's White Rabbit
I had a feeling this was going to happen! But, the question is: who submitted her name?

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