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2/26 c6 susiereckart
Okay, if you would have stopped writing this story I would be livid. WHO could wait until Christmas! Gah! I see there are 24 chappies, that makes me sooo happy. :)
2/26 c5 susiereckart
OMG! WHAT? This is amazing. my face was so close to my computer screen so into this chapter that I now can't see. Lordy, good chapter. Can't wait for 6!
2/23 c2 susiereckart
Bahaha! Work? What about work! I need another chappy! ;)
2/23 c1 susiereckart
It's been so so long since I have been on FF. YOU BROUGHT ME BACK! So hooked already. WTH did I stop all this fun stuff? Can't wait to read Chapter 2!
2/20 c19 4hsty
I just need to leave it here: I am LOVING all the TS easter eggs and references!
2/16 c24 Bella Berella
Beautiful, sad, heartwarming and funny...
Thank you!
2/11 c24 nzjojo
Magical story - I enjoyed reading every word. Thank you for the epilogue as the ending is just so darn perfect. :)
2/5 c2 sosueme
Intriguing. Love their banter, on the verge of confessions, it seems. Funny all around. Thank you for coming back to post this story, enjoying it and appreciating your writing!
1/29 c23 readicted
I love that it was Charlie.
1/29 c22 readicted
I was actually expecting Edward's name. Who submitted Bella, was it Alice or her mom? I don't think Edward would dare after the manuscript fiasco.
1/29 c21 readicted
I think this may be one of the only fics I've read where Bella has a large, loving extended family. Edward really jumped right in the deep end of meeting the family with both feet, lol. I didn't realize there was going to be like 30 family members there. He aced it though. Then they finally get their time to be together.
1/29 c24 saintfudge
Great read ..great laugh thanks for sharing have fun
1/28 c24 6contagiously
Seattleites would just say she meant Dick's burgers :)
1/28 c20 readicted
A lovely chapter. What a perfect, incredibly heartfelt, thoughtful gift. He gave her Christmas, he gave her a piece of her dad, he gave her the chance for others in the community a chance to honor her dad by helping revive his legacy to the community. He gave her the gift of removing the unbearable sorrow from her precious family memories and traditions. He gave her the gift of hope. Perfect. And she gifted him the confidence and faith of a future for them.
1/28 c19 readicted
Ha! I actually considered that the poem came from one of Bella's female co workers, but was thrown off by Edward's insistence that it was Muscles McGee. Going to the office party sounds like it was a very good decision. I actually worked with someone who was a nasty bully. She wasn't my supervisor, but one day-my second day on the job (I was an internal transfer, so not new to the company, but brand spanking new to the location, the department and obviously, New the the position-our companies merged so in one real respect I was new to their company culture in that location). My supervisor recruited me after meeting me in a corporate in service training. On my second day she left me manage a pretty big production because she had a two day remote meeting, but she would check in with me periodically. Everything was going smoothly, until the bully barged into my office, no knocking, no introduction. She asked me if I had signed off on some decision. I ask her what her name was. She told me, repeated her question and then literally threw the paper AT me when I asked asked her to clarify. I had no idea what she was asking about or what I could've done wrong. I read what she'd tossed at me, confirmed that I indeed done what she'd inquired about. She proceeded to yell and berate me telling me that's not how things are done here. I was stunned mute. Firstly I had never been yelled at AT work before. I was shocked, then I was mortified, and freaking out that I had screwed something major up. I asked her to clarify what I had done wrong so I could rectify it if possible, but certainly so I wouldn't repeat the error. She told me to call up my manager out of her meeting and Let her explain it to me. OMG! Can you imagine? I was so shook up, my hands were shaking when I tried to email her. I had to pull her out of her meeting. She was very calm and cool headed, but was obviously concern about what kind of screw up I had made with a huge job for our largest client at that time. She had me read her word for word what the bully threw at me. Twice. She had been cc'd on all communications but didn't have access to her emails during her meeting. She checked emails on breaks. She was quiet for a few nerve wracking beats and then said, you handled this perfectly. I wouldn't have done any differently. This is what I directed you to manage in my place. You didn't do anything wrong. I was so confused. Are asked her if she's sure. She said she was. Then I got angry. She said she would reach out to the bully (bitch) And tell her as much and tell her she owes me an apology. When she, the bully returned to my office to apologize, it was such a non apology she needed have bothered. But I had somewhat gathered my composure by then and so I took the opportunity to tell her that she will never speak to me that way again. If she has a concern she will address me professionally. We did not speak again unless necessary. But she continued to be a nasty bully tyrant. She got things done though, so despite her abhorrent behavior she kept getting promoted until she was a director. Not me director though. She kept trying to pull me onto her projects, requesting me. Nope, nope, nope. I was cordial because she started trying to be friendly to me, but I never let my guard down too much with her. I never trusted her. A friend decided to jump ship from my team to the bully' s team. She began emulating her. It was revolting. We were good friends, but the bully tried to use our relationship to recruit me. When I refused, they began doing weird she!t. My friend found herself pregnant, and became pretty ill. Tough pregnancy. That bully harassed the heck out of her, calling her all times of night, calling her when she was hospitalized, and then later at home on total bed rest. One night the bully called my home and tried to get me to intervene since my friend's husband told the bully not to call his wife again while she is home on medical leave. I did reach out to my (former) friend and her husband to alert them to what was going on, what was being said about her and to assure them I would not be acting as a go between for the bully. They notified HR. Told them I'd be happy to corroborate her complaints. Then she loudly berated another girl to tears in front of the office on like the eve of some holiday (like Thanksgiving or Christmas), where she made her staff stay late. I was helping out because I had the time and liked the people. It wasn't bad until the bully called the girl dumb as dirt. I reported the incident. Idgaf at that point. The girl was scared to report it so I did. I reported how she treated all of them, but specifically the girl. Because she had made some kind of mistake. The bully for some reason decided that she liked me. She never attempted to mistreat me again in the years we worked together. But she did try to turn me friends against me by recruiting them every time I turned her down for a client job. She try to pit them against me. I think she only wanted me because my director valued me. There were two of us that she highly valued. And bully tried to steal both of us. The other woman's husband worked there in another department and he most assuredly would've handed bully her add if she overstepped too far with his wife. She was quiet but confident and capable of asserting herself without his input, but I know she didn't push her in the way she tried with me by using my office friends. In the end the girl she called dumb as dirt sued her ass. Between that lawsuit, the pregnant girl's (after she quit, she called me and apologized for her behavior and asked for forgiveness, we're still friendly) and my complaints about how she treated others, she was demoted and they removed her people managing responsibilities. She was still a go-getter who got ish done, so they didn't fire her yet. She did however get to my director. I witnessed her screaming and just absolutely demeaning my director. My director was older, more experienced than the bully who wasn't really much older than me. This was many years ago. I was again, shocked. I was disgusted that my director allowed her to demean her that way especially in front of others. But sometimes like many of us, you're just too surprised at her audacity to really process what is happening in that moment. So I gave my director a pass at how she handled bully in that moment. It was the fact that after that my director started like, deferring to the bully, and even loaned me out to her for a project. I was disgusted. When an investigation was initiated after an 'anonymous' complaint was called in about an incident bully tried to have my director coach my input to HR. I flat out just said, I won't lie about what I heard, but I won't embellish either. I'll acknowledge that girl made a mistake, but I'll also tell how bully yelled and demeaned her in front of everyone until she was sobbing. Then taunted her. Made everyone stay late. Suddenly they wanted me to focus on my team and stay out of it, lol. Eventually they fired bully, but it took way too long. She bullied people for a long time and got away with it, or got a slap on the wrist. She boldly engaged in an office affair with a married superior. They weren't super discreet so when she became pregnant I think things began moving quickly on her termination. I kept asking why, why is she still employed here? That's how awful she was that even other department heads were aware of her bad behavior. I always told they're building a case. They sure didn't take as long to build a case against others they let go. The ironic thing is once she had her baby, she became so much more human. She was kinder, more patient, more understanding about boundaries and work life balance. But by then, it was too late. The rif'd her. Still too generous for a corporate monster in my opinion.
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