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1/27 c18 readicted
Yeah I was surprised Bella didn't want to go to the office party. Glad Angela reached out. They can commiserate and compare notes. Angela can back Bella up with complaints about Jane. Hope Edward missing the game doesn't mess with his job. I suppose bella will run into her secret admirer. I thought Edward calling Bella by her office nickname was funny. I can commiserate, I was once nicknamed Olive Oyl (from PopEye) by the elementary school gym teacher. He gave all the fifth graders nicknames. Everyone got kinda cool ones. Mine was freaking Olive Oyl. I was so embarrassed and pissed.
1/27 c17 readicted
I like that Edward rushed to work and took her to Starbucks to talk to her. But I hate that he couldn't just let her vent and just be encouraging in that moment. He's right about signing that termination form though. I'm firmly with Bella he way overstepped submitting her manuscript without clearing it with her first. She told him she didn't let anyone read it. Hell, she said he was the only person who knew of it's existence. She was incredibly leery even letting him read it. She entrusted him with something deeply personal and her most treasured writing. It is like him sharing her journal without her permission. Not the least bit ok. I fully expected Bella to throw the pies in Edward's face. And all things considered, she took it pretty easy on him about his violation. She held her ground, asserted her need to sit with her feelings, but she did it respectfully (well except for the pie outburst) and gently. She communicated exactly why she was upset and was clear (eventually) on what she needed in that moment. She didn't leave Edward wondering if this was over before really getting started. I like that Edward went after Bella when she left him in the coffee house. That he made clear he didn't want this to be the end. That he is already in deep, but he didn't try to force her to just get over it. He respected her need for some time and space to wallow and process. And to be mad.
1/27 c16 readicted
I just knew the stapler was going to be used as a convenient excuse to terminate her. Hopefully Edward keeps his cool. This will be good for Bella to get up from under Jane. Just too bad that she never complained to anyone about Jane's abuse. Well she did tell Edward but he can't really corroborate because their relationship will be called into question. Maybe she can still get Jane fired even though she's also being terminated. Wonder why she didn't just say she was using it for work, which Jane constantly has her working on from home and that she had every intention of returning it. They couldn't prove otherwise, and its not stealing if she's using it for work stuff. I hope Edward doesn't assume she's been terminated for their relationship or the pies (well she was but) and inadvertently out himself. The hair routine quip and the popped collar deluxe was cute.
1/27 c15 readicted
He liked her manuscript. Now hopefully she will find the confidence to try and publish. Being blocked by mom showing up unannounced is kind of mortifying. However clearly Rene is laidback because neither Alice or Bella were too stressed about it. Rene came with rubber gloves, lol. Bella must really be a slob. I'm in agreement with Bella. Her family should give her the chance to invite Edward herself so he knows she really wants him there.
1/27 c14 readicted
Huh, never would've guessed Popeye. Cullen's girl on the other hand, I thin was my second guess. Right after Jane's b!tech or servant, or lackey or some other unflattering word for her like an extremely personal, intimate piece she's allowing Edward to read. She must feel very vulnerable.
1/25 c13 readicted
Glad Edward got his turn to get answers. I'm glad the power went out. Or else their first time would've have been super rushed.
1/24 c23 Abigail Tracey
I’m sitting in a pharmacy parking lot with tears running down my face….. so thanks. So freaking good!
1/23 c24 farkaskriszta
Finally I had the opportunity to read this Christmas cutie and I have to tell you I enjoyed it immensely. The banter between them, the funny back and forth, the sweet but determined Edward was all a nice package ( in all senses of the word
1/23 c12 readicted
I'm conflicted about Alice's grilling sesh with Edward. On one hand, I like that Alice asks the probing questions that she thinks are important for Bella to know before getting too invested in a romantic relationship. But I feel like Bella should be asking some of these questions herself in a private conversation. Edward seemed game, he answered willingly, while setting boundaries when he felt she was getting too personal. Sometimes it's nice and handy to have a wingman or wing woman. What I liked most about the interrogation was when Alice challenged Edward's answer about being in love before and Edward thought it over and turned the question to Jasper, respectfully. I can't think of a more perfect way to handle that. And I like that Edward asserted boundaries without every losing his cool. Bella tried to find out her office nickname. I guess it's something Jane related. But for some reason the name Big Booty Bella just popped into my head lol. I don't know why because canon Bella definitely wasn't packing all of that.
1/22 c11 readicted
Oh so Becca was a one date thing. I'm glad he didn't disparage her just to make Bella feel less jealous. He was just honest. They were so hot leading up to the apartment door. And then there's Alice. LOLOL Really surprised that Bella asked for 10 minutes. Not than you can't have fun in that time, but you sure gotta focus and finish-That which can be great, but for a first time, I'm surprised they went that far, knowing they had to meet Alice and Jasper so shortly. I guess all that wind up, and having to abruptly stop was driving poor Bella crazy. A dirty room, with food and dishes and an unmade bed would honestly be a pretty big turnoff for me. I'm not a neat freak, but that would kill my mood because I wouldn't feel comfortable in that room, especially on what I'm assuming are dirty sheets.
1/22 c10 readicted
Omg, Becca is real, lol! Garrett is doing too much. I dated a guy in college that had a very close buddy that used to do shyte this. I like that Rose encouraged Edward, and that they have the kind of relationship where her encouragement is important.
1/21 c24 winniethepooh11
Thanks for bringing this lovely story and its magic back... Loved every second of it ️
1/20 c9 readicted
Turning down a live sporting event, a sold out one at that, so they have more time together is kinda big. Especially for a Jr sports journo. And agreeing to hang out with family so early into this new status is big too. They're friends and have hung out together before but it sounds like it usually was with a group of work colleagues. Wonder why Jane hasn't blown up Bella's phone. Perhaps she has a ring camera or something. Or she confronted the neighbor.
1/19 c8 readicted
Well Garrett does have a point.
1/19 c7 readicted
I have very fond memories of my dad taking me to this really insane, fantastical, wonderful, magical Christmas display. There was Santa and reindeer suspended so it looked like the sleigh was flying. There was music. It was a corner lot so there was so much to see. My memories are not so sharp, but I'll never, ever forget how in awe I was, and what joy it brought me. As adult I always wanted to find it again or at least something that equalled its magic so I could share that experience with my kids. My dad is gone. I never did find it, and I have seen some great, fun, beautiful displays that I've been able to take my kids by, but nothing has quite moved me like that display in Brooklyn. The description of Bella's parents' home sounds pretty magical. Very cool that Edward and Bella have this childhood memory connection.
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