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1/19 c6 readicted
Ugh I can't stand people like Garrett who always have to outdo their friends, or copy them, or get exactly the thing they know their friend wants.
1/19 c5 readicted
Holy hell Meg. I had to stop the treadmill because wow! When Bella asked, like you like me, referencing back to the day before, I was like yes! And when Edward leaned in and said "So. Fecking. Bad" I was like whew, Hell yes. I am grinning ear to ear, but as I said I'm on the treadmill and I had to catch my breath and type my quick thoughts. Love it! And I'm so effing glad Edward did not sugar coat how bad Bella is allowing Jane to treat her. And how Jane uses up people to their professional detriment. She needed a true friend to confront her with this. Hopefully when she does find the courage to stand up for herself, Jane won't be able to use her soon to be improper relationship against her. Bella's story about her dad and Swoosh magazine would make a compelling article.
1/18 c4 readicted
Something tells me that Jane isn't going to be thrilled about Bella getting a ride from Edward.
1/17 c23 Guest
I always love your stories. I was anticipating supernatural magic in the ‘Moth’ chapter but this was just so much better. This was my favourite chapter - I laughed, I cried…it made me feel so many different emotions. The best! Thank you.
1/17 c18 Pixie's Mama
Mr. Napkin Head is FUNNY!
1/17 c17 Pixie's Mama
I truly admire B's quirky sense of humor here.
1/17 c16 Pixie's Mama
My blood pressure keep getting ahead of me whenever I reread this chapter. Jane the Pain really struck a nerve. Several, actually. Grrrr...
I just can't help thinking about certain bullying trolls that keep hiding behind the anon Guest, harassing the author, demanding for this story to be ended. Are they worried that readers would recognize the similarities between Jane the Pain and their own tactics in real life?
1/17 c24 i heart clash
Awww love this future take~ also I miss this story and I miss December! Thank you for this cute sexy funny update
1/16 c2 readicted
Pecs, lol. Damn Edward gave her a glimpse, phew. Bella got a little warm under the collar me thinks. So there's a no fraternization policy huh. Watch one of them eventually get fired-the stapler is evidence. Wonder what Bella's office name is, Edward's girl, or Jane's lackey.
1/16 c24 4Halo221
I know you said you didn't know if they needed an epilogue and I guess technically they didn't NEED one, but omg I adored this one SO much!
1/16 c23 Halo221
This is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes
1/15 c1 readicted
Ok job sounds outrageous, a la Devil Wears Prada, soul sapping work. Edward coming to look for her means he looks forward to her visits to his floor more than he lets on, or she's oblivious. I chuckled that the vegan place overheard her call them feckers. It was probably Edward's sister who answered. Drinks and desert is my love language.
1/13 c24 JuleKiwi
I love this story so much! So glad you finished it :)
1/12 c24 ella
Thank you,i love it and i love this Edward!This was a beautiful story!
1/11 c24 TheGreenPanther
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