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1/11 c23 TheGreenPanther
Oh my gosh, I'm crying! So good. This was great story, however unplanned it may have been.
Now, I look forward to more "What I wanted."
1/11 c24 pipelynn
I loved this so very much that I had to read it twice. Thank you for bringing it back and posting!
1/11 c24 Dulcinea21bella
This was such a beautiful story. I loved it so much. You are truly gifted with the written word. I do hope you choose to continue to write fan fiction. You write such creative stories. I just adore each one. This one just was perfect for the season. Thank you so much for sharing it!
1/11 c24 Rita01tx
Little sponges (aka cockblockers 1, 2, and 3) hear and absorb everything...especially things not meant for little ears LMAO! Well, you left us laughin' which was the best way to leave us! Just remember you can always change your mind *HUGS!*
1/11 c24 bearygirl
Loved reading this story, thanks for sharing.
1/10 c24 EeWee
Another great story. Love a funny Bella. And this Edward just melted my heart.
1/10 c24 GeekerellaB
The story was soo good! I’m gonna to miss these two!
Thanks for the update
1/10 c24 SnapDragon406
Love your writing and love your depiction of these two characters, thanks so much for sharing!
1/10 c20 TheGreenPanther
That's so sweet!
1/10 c18 TheGreenPanther
Day drinking Bella is killing me.
1/9 c24 April Cat
Loved it. Thank you for sharing.
1/9 c24 FoxtrotWhiskey
I am so so so glad you reposted this and finished it. *Happy sighs*
1/9 c24 3TMTF
So glad you came back and finished this story! Thanks so much for this adorable ride
1/9 c12 TheGreenPanther
Happy to return after a good night's rest. Really enjoying this story, but I love all your stories.
1/9 c24 KDMCAM
So hilariously cute!
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