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1/9 c24 WiltshireGlo
Wonderful! Thank you… I could read these two forever, but this was reaaalllly satisfying and fun! Loved it all, it’s been a heartwarming escape over the past few weeks and I’ve looked forward to every chapter. Thanks so much for sharing .
1/8 c9 TheGreenPanther
This is so fun...but, I have to go to bed. So, i'll finish another time.
1/8 c24 Luvntwilight
Thanks for updating.
1/8 c15 musemum
this is so SO good!
1/8 c24 Guest
Very sweet. Thank you
1/8 c24 Noelluna
That is the cutest ending. I love that Bella and Edward have a house full of boys and both are writing and living out their career goals but have their relationship and family. I could read about these two forever - especially when you bring the kids into the fold. I hope we will get more stories from you in the future!
1/8 c15 Pixie's Mama
"We really need to work on how you accept praise..." Sigh.
1/8 c24 JaysWorld2
oh my gooooood, the horror of parrot kids repeating eeeeverything. cute epi wrap-up, now make that Netflix dream a reality
1/8 c24 mysticfighter111
Ha, ha, cockblocker 1, 2 and 3 - so right, but you can't be angry with them.
1/8 c24 2NKubie
Omg, that's priceless and so easily true! I'm sure you're well aware that at certain point you really have to watch what you say around your kids. I can attest to that after my then 2yo daughter dropped the f-bomb in he middle of our living room, in front of her grandparents. Oy!

I love the success you brought to Bella surrounding her discussions of grief! We all feel it, and often humor helps us to deal with it. The humor in this story has been especially relevant for me this year and I want to thank you for keeping my spirits up, even if it wasn't intentionally written for me. It still felt personal.

You bring a light to so many lives. Thank you for sharing it!

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful new year!
Stay safe and well!
1/8 c24 midnitereader
Awww what a cute chapter. She turned her grief into something useful. And now she and Edward are going to spend some uninterrupted time together. What a great guy.
1/8 c24 Senorfrogs
Super sweet
Will miss this two
1/8 c24 cocoa blizzard
Good story
1/8 c24 noname1001
This was such a sweet touching and funny fic! Thanks for the holiday laughs
1/8 c24 Kate1386
LOL! Why oh why do kids always easily pick up the crap we DON’T want them too… that was awesome!
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