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1/8 c24 30Rebadams7
A very happy future that Bella’s father would want for his family. Bravo
1/8 c24 13archy12
Lovely, lovely final chapter!
Bella did all that and had three kids too? That's amazing!
Of course, having a supportive partner makes it possible.
Thank you for this sweet story!
1/8 c24 7TeamAllTwilight
LOVED IT! Fantastic as always.
1/8 c24 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
OMG! I am SOOO LMFAO at this!
Your humor and heart shine through, so brightly, in your writing. Thank you fir sharing with us and brightening our (my) holidays this year!
1/8 c24 24Fyrebyrd
Awwww, so damn adorable! I loved this and am so glad you decided to share it with us!

Another amazing tale, Beagle :)
1/8 c24 majose
Lololl that was such a quick save! Thanks for coming back to this story and all the best for you in the New Year!
1/8 c6 musemum
Great story, love the snark
1/8 c24 girlygirl0706
What a surprise!

Thanks and Happy New Years!
1/8 c24 bighenluvsrob
The absolute best ! Thank you :)
1/8 c14 Pixie's Mama
I used to have a huge crush on MacGyver! *squealing like an excited child*
1/8 c24 hannahclan
Great finish . The sneaky tactics you have to employ as parents !
But the cockblocking remains even after they leave the nest . Now it’s FaceTime calling .
1/8 c13 Pixie's Mama
Hey, I am very much enjoying the heck out of this "stupid, directionless, boring story"! Cheers! ;)
1/8 c24 acw1
1/8 c12 Pixie's Mama
For the record, reading this whole chapter is as if I'm watching a movie while curling in bed with my iPad-Pro. A damn good movie, too! ONLY good writing does that to my brain, mind you!
The whole back-and-forth between E and A is very well-paced, informative, and so so hilarious!
LOVE IT! Luv ya!
1/8 c24 RayBot
Ah, that epilogue was perfect.
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