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1/7 c24 kama789kama38
This is the perfect ending! Thank you for not skipping it! It’s cute and heartwarming
1/7 c24 8dazzleglo
Loved it.
1/7 c24 raa15473
Hilarious! Love it!
1/7 c24 ohboyse
a perfect end to a perfect story!
1/7 c24 Kimmie50
What a fantastic chapter!
I absolutely loved this Bella and Edward. Awesome characters!
Thanks so much for this epi/future take. It was wonderful!
1/7 c24 allidel
That was adorable & hilarious! Absolutely perfect! Thank you for the little peek into their future! :)
1/7 c24 1EdwardsFirstKiss
Thank you for a great future take. Glad that Jane the pain got what she deserved.
1/7 c24 Rosemarie28
1/7 c24 biblepam
Thanks so much for posting, completing, and sharing. I might have snorted/laughed at the end. I loved reading this and as usual, you did an awesome job with it. Thanks again and big hugs.
1/7 c24 HiraFrance
Simply perfect !
Sometimes, for fun, we also call our boy pwhahaha
I love how supportive they are since the beginning
Thanks so for sharing all of them with us, you rock !
1/7 c24 Momma Laura
Every parent dreads that day. You know, the one where something really inappropriate is repeated by a little one, usually in front of grandparents.
1/7 c24 ellekat08
What a great surprise!
They have a lovely family, she accomplished what she wanted from the beginning but left for something better.
Wouldn’t it be great if they find Jane working at a
Starbucks hahaha.
They’re perfect and they haven’t lost the humor, the last part of Edward’s toast was the best.

Bella Cullen—New York Times Best-Selling author, podcaster, and recent screenwriter.
"Not to mention," Edward adds, "an amazing wife, loving mother, and a really great lay."

I love it. You’re always the best. :)
1/7 c24 dowlingnana
An amazing wife, a loving mother, and a great lay, lol, I loved it. And yeah, that Jane got the boot. About time! So happy for these two sweet, lovable, sexy people. Made my heart smile all the time reading it. BTW, great save at the end there. Dick vs. sick, ha ha ha. thanx so much for giving us the final chapter to complete their cock-blocked lives. ;o)
1/7 c24 kristysmom
I lived this thank you for sharing
1/7 c24 imu-icu
Thanks for the happy ending! Loved the revenge success against Jane the pain.. Lol and definitely tickled with Edward's plan after the podcast. Will definitely miss these characters!

Stay inspired and keep on writing! Stay safe and God bless.
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