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1/6 c3 SetoRJK-Kaiba
I really loved the story and I really wish it was more to go to it. Anyway I enjoyed it thank you for writing and maybe we can read more.
1/5 c3 Wandd
Estoy llegando tarde a comentar :( tengo que decir que me encantó el fic. Fue muy bonito ヽ(*ω)ノ
Estaré al pendiente si decides escribir algo más.
Mil gracias por ti trabajo c:
12/20/2023 c3 alexisawesomeduh
Love this storyline! I wish it wasnt just a one shot!
12/18/2023 c1 21TheOtherDestiny
I loved this chapter from drunk Kasumi to the wedding hahaha poor Ijichi always gets dragged into Gojo's craziness, I love your story that despite being short is wonderful and makes you want to continue reading
12/17/2023 c3 2NexusZXD
this is so sickly sweet omg fuck i love it
12/17/2023 c3 25ina minina
I love so much that you finished it today! Seriously, thank you very much!
I loved everything, and as I said in the previous rw, at first you can see that there are no feelings, and it was nice to see that over time there were, and even more so to read that there were many children hahaha the only thing that depresses me a little is that Keep it short, but thank you very much for writing about them.
I hope in the future to read you something more about this ship, if you have Facebook, you can join a group that we have, of course the majority speaks Spanish, you search for it as "gojomiwa" with light blue and white hearts, thank you again for writing about them! I loved the fic!
12/17/2023 c3 36Nadeshico023
"Maybe I'm the needy one". I bet he is!
"Please take care of me". MY HEART!
I loved this story! It's so sweet. I would have wanted for him to say I love you too, but it was beautiful still. Thank you very much for this!
12/17/2023 c2 Nadeshico023
HAHAHA Gojo being confused by a BTS member had me in tears.
"Just fall in love with me Kasumi. We both know it's not that hard" Damn I love and hate him at the same time
This one had me blushing!
12/17/2023 c1 Nadeshico023
"why me?"
Sorry, I keept reading lol The reason I thought wasn't it hahaha
OMG You have me hooked! Thank you for writing this!
12/17/2023 c2 25ina minina
god... this chapter! I loved how he was for her when she was drunk, her determination, and I couldn't stop smiling while they were on their first night together, but the last sentence left me with a bittersweet taste, I feel like he doesn't love her and just uses her. for the children and I felt sorry for her, although of course, Kasumi only finds him attractive for the moment and has not shown any more serious feelings, I look forward to the third chapter! thank you so much!
12/17/2023 c1 ina minina
my God! I love the plot! I'm looking forward to more, thank you so much for writing about them!
12/16/2023 c2 21TheOtherDestiny
Ahhhhh I love your story, its more interesting.

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