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for Hiding (the Christmas Criminal)

4/17 c7 datahawk
oh my, that was such a delight!
3/19 c7 Aislinn Massi
Thank you very much for this fic! It was just the dramaless reading thaht I needed to get out of my head this week, If someday you decide to make a future take of this two please do so! You are an amazing writer
3/4 c7 3abbyweyr
nice ending to this one. Thanks for sharing.
3/4 c6 abbyweyr
a good reason not to stay together
3/4 c5 abbyweyr
about time
3/4 c3 abbyweyr
Bella is being a little slow.
3/4 c2 abbyweyr
fun and interesting time together
3/4 c1 abbyweyr
Interesting start. Love Great Aunt Betty. Nice inside joke, but also an outlet for real opinion to be shared.
3/3 c7 la-geologia
I loved this so much! Such a heartwarming, sweet story, and it made me so happy to see them get their happy ending. This was exactly what I needed today. Thanks for sharing, friend! I hope you've been well! :)

3/2 c7 Dinkyp
Lovely story. Really enjoyed this. Cant wait to see what scheduled for friday has to say when you’re back up and running.
3/1 c7 soccermom101113
GREAT story! Thanks
2/28 c7 Ajfflady
All alone in a cabin in nowhere Idaho sounds like heaven and having Edward along, no words for how much I enjoyed your story. Fluffy is fine any day of the week, I need more fluff in my life. Cheers and Best Wishes.
2/26 c7 Gigi725
I LOVED this snugglefic!
2/24 c1 justmeeh
Thank you for sharing your words
2/23 c7 Pattigirl23
I loved this so much! Thank you.
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