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6h c11 2BDude0000
Was there supposed to be a new chapter, chapter 12?
7h c11 AnthonyR89
8h c9 AnthonyR89
as for the "killing on accident" thing, i mean depending on origin story, Starfire was sold into slavery. and is also from a warrior culture.
11h c11 gaul1
Great chapter, keep up the good work, bye
7/22 c11 Marchm
Loving the misconceptions/misunderstandings, sort of feel like the buffy hears about this competent hunter Alexander could be a whole series of skits all on it's own. Anyhow thanks for the laughs
19h c11 Raiju001
I doubt he will talk, but horrible screams of agony used to pass along information works too! Ah, the idea makes me wish I could be there to listen to the cacophony and it would bring me joy! The chomo got off to easily this time. And to reference "Colors and Capes" (that is a good fic as well wink,wink, nudge, nudge!) Ahem* Is it his cologne?! (I know its the knife but love the lols!)
Thank you for the story and they typing!
7/22 c11 WearyCurmudgeon
Poor little leech (not).
He has no idea that he's dealing with essentially Holtz Jr.

As the two have very similar mindsets when it comes to leeches and teaching others how to exterminate them.
7/22 c11 Guest
Xander vs Vampire
Xander wins
7/22 c11 Ep
Merci pour la lecture
7/22 c11 Curious Reader
See, I think that vampire will talk and very soon. Just a hunch, but one I feel confident in making in this case.
7/22 c11 Cookie Warlord
Cliffhanger again? And was that Katana? Another cute chapter with the Belcher family and plans for a attack duck? So San Francisco, well who ever is selling those girls are going to regret waking up in the morning cause a angry and creative Xander...

When all you have is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail! Xander is a pro with hammers. Thank you
7/24 c11 4hellz swordsman
xander getting creative i ove it
7/23 c11 Mugen-Muse
Are we sure the hammer and buckler were just reproductions?

On one hand, chasing ducks does sound like potential fun. On the other hand, catching a duck to be trained as an attack duck sounds... Is that even legal? How would that even work anyway? For that matter, would they have a way of knowing when their attack duck actually attacked someone?

Looks like Xander is about to teach someone how to interrogate a vampire. I hope she takes good notes.
7/23 c11 firelordeg
thank you for sharing another fantastic chapter as well as for all the time and effort put into this story please continue to update as soon as life allows
7/23 c11 Ever Tomorrow
I was a little confused when it seemed to imply he would be going to the park with the Beltchers, then detailed him driving somewhere, and ending with him doing something completely different.

It seemed to be leading one way and went another. Maybe have add a transition paragraph to make it smoother?
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