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for No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

5/27 c3 Skill
Thanks for the chapter!
5/20 c1 1Der oberste koenig
When will it continue? I love the idea and the anime. I would also be very happy if it continued.
5/12 c3 fvkma
esperare a que salga el siguiente cap
5/10 c3 Xavier Arias Gonsalves
I would like this to continue
5/3 c3 Lord Naruto
You say Cid would be happy to have an antagonist, but I think his whole spiel is about being the antagonist. It sounds like he’d be happy to have a protagonist to plot against. To make himself seem more important than he is. That’s the whole point of his eminence in shadow. At least that’s what I think.
5/2 c3 X313Santos
This was really good I would definitely like to see more of this
5/1 c3 Oops idk
Love it
5/1 c3 RedDemonEye
I'm sorry for your loss I've lost both of mine so I no how hard it is take as much time as you need also I loved the chapter so keep up the good work and stay safe.
4/30 c3 Shuu
I'm a little sad that not much happened in this chapter, don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you took the time to develop things but really the part of bossing around those criminals didn't become that interesting... What if is great is Rose's perspective, it comes in handy and all that, along with that thing about how Naruto's magic is perceived. It brings from the series how his chakra is warm and such, but I felt something mystical in the author's narrative that I really liked. Thank you very much for the hard work, Writer-nim.
4/29 c3 FlameDenizen
Love the story and as such I desire more of this. Excellent job as always.
4/29 c3 SoulOfCinders
Shit bro, my condolences, was wondering why you hadn't updated in a I know
4/29 c3 pugboi33
its adorable
4/29 c3 22jward
more please
4/29 c3 Hate us
I wanna know, Will he become a new militar force?
4/29 c3 Shadic21
Thanks for the chapter.
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