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for No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

1/20 c2 howdy cat
YAY Sara being adorable all ways more sara
1/20 c1 Mnchblackname
jajajajajajajaj solo cid esta lo suficientemente loco para ir a cargar hace contra alguien
muy buen cap, esperare los siguientes caps
1/20 c2 jonathan
como dije me gusta mucho tu historia me gustaria que lo hicieras entre semanas muvhas gracias buemas nochea.
1/20 c2 Guest
Sara is precious must prottecc
1/20 c1 Guest
More me hearty
1/20 c2 DOSSAL
neon, it is interesting to think how the story will change considering that one of the shadows of shadow garden is missing.
1/20 c2 fallendemon248
Nice chapter and very nice introducing Yukime and her mother, cant wait for more and hope to see a Fox vs Wolf fight at some point
1/20 c2 3Wolfang21
Looking forwad too when shadow meets light
1/20 c2 Tanya von Degurechaff
if cid spread shadow wisdom magic use.
naruto can spread chakra for his gang
1/20 c2 reader977070
nice. cant wait for the next obe
1/20 c2 8Dragon Blaze-X
Ohhh this is gonna be fun
1/20 c2 Guest
Good chapter. Need more also please update the genshin one.
1/20 c2 BigFanBOB
Can’t wait for you to continue this story, I love it.
1/20 c2 Guest
Maybe call her Yasaka? Was trying of think of other kitsune.
1/20 c2 Guest
Yes, you gave Yukihime to Naruto!
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