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for No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

4/29 c3 FlameDenizen
Love the story and as such I desire more of this. Excellent job as always.
4/29 c3 SoulOfCinders
Shit bro, my condolences, was wondering why you hadn't updated in a I know
4/29 c3 pugboi33
its adorable
4/29 c3 22jward
more please
4/29 c3 Hate us
I wanna know, Will he become a new militar force?
4/29 c3 Shadic21
Thanks for the chapter.
4/28 c3 Afilix
Esta historia se está poniendo cada ves mejor jajaj
4/28 c3 Orionclay
hope you continue this
4/28 c3 2Kipplee
i very much liked this chapter well done!
4/28 c3 Z.L.C. genesmith
And thus the Tree grows anew...
4/28 c3 Guest
Eminence in Shadow MFers when I get them with my drill (Just Who the Hell do They think I AM?)
4/27 c3 RandomOranges24
I love this story! I crave more of it!
4/27 c3 Jolman ramos
estuvo increíble espero el proximo
4/27 c3 OmegaGravity20
Sorry to hear about the passing in your family. Wanted to send well-wishes and support, and let you know that what you do, and your work in the community is great, but your health and time for family is more important. I know many of us will eagerly be awaiting yout updates when they come!
4/27 c3 That Dad Guy
Surely nothing bad will come of this. Yukime definitely gotta spin back, otherwise Yukime stocks will go the way if dogecoin. As always, eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
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