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for No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

4/26 c3 3rick12
You don't have to explain yourself, Neon. I'm sorry for your loss.

Anyway, nice chapter. Sara/Delta being adorable, Yukime butting heads with Sara, Yukime's mother being teasing, Naruto rescuing Rose and testing out Excalibur on a few foolish guinea pigs. Naruto made the only headband of Konoha and gave it to Sara, who promised to always be with him to cheer him up.

I don't think Alexia is a possible candidate for Naruto's harem, I believe she and Cid are a match for each other. Her older sister, Iris, is definitely part of Naruto's harem.

Also, one of the previews has Alexia pointing her sword at someone's throat and drawing a bead of blood from him. She also requests/demands that this someone be her fake boyfriend for a bit while smiling. Don't tell me that this someone is Naruto? No way is Alexia that fricking stupid to try that idiotic crap on him, Naruto will discipline her ass for even daring to do that, even though he commends her for her hard working ethic. He'll whoop her ass red for that foolish stunt. It has to be Cid. Not to mention, why would Naruto go to Alexia's school? He's considerably older than her (he's the same age as Iris) and he has already graduated from school at that point. Hope you answer this, Neon.

Anyway, great chapter, Neon. Hope to see more of this story next week, if not sooner~. I'm dying to read more.
4/26 c3 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
4/26 c3 Guest
Great chapter!

P.S i hope you heal my friend and i hope you be well
4/26 c3 Guest
Have Naruto participate in that Tournament, and end up facing Aurora instead of Cid/Shadow! That way Naruto will be able to “pull the sword from the stone” unlike Cid!

Although that could complicate things for Cid’s sister during the Blood Moon Arc, at least give it some thought! At the very least, Aurora might feel kinship with Naruto seeing as how both of them were raised in a world of war and death!
4/26 c3 N2
Please continue the great work.
4/26 c3 Guest
What was that voice that told Naruto to keep Yukihime?
4/26 c3 Guest
As someone whose grandfather died A WEEK after we visited for Christmas, my heart goes out to you! Take as much time as you need to properly mourn!
4/26 c3 SoulR3ap
Massive fan, would love weekly updates but do what you can. Keep up the good work
4/26 c3 Joker Solomon Kane
i ran cross this story awhile back it's keep getting better with each new chapter keep up the great work looking forward to reading more
4/26 c3 ArtsyNoko
More Sara! it's not enough!
4/26 c3 geddiep91
Great chapter
4/26 c3 Knight life estudio
Je, es bueno saber de esta historia
4/26 c3 FoxSage001
Another chapter as soon as possible!
4/26 c3 1dracopoet
Hope you feel better I know what it's like losing a loved one take your time and heal that's the best advice I can give sorry if you need to take a break go for it but Above All Else heal
4/26 c3 5ZenRaven
no elves yet come on, need some elves for ur boy rn
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