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for The End Of Falsehood

5/25 c1 Guest
When is the next chapter?
5/18 c1 TienMaD
Read all of the chapters and waiting for new one, and gotta say do I love it too, also hope if you ever make new fanfic, please do one with Tensura x Fairy Tail.
5/17 c10 mykerondina3
When is the next chapter pls!
4/10 c1 The Disquieting One
eh, not my kind of thing, but I can see how people may like this. adding this to Gate's fanfic recs on TV Tropes
4/1 c1 jeny2007.a
when's the new chapter?
3/22 c5 Guest
Bringing the yellow number to fight those weakling is

3/16 c6 1VeteranNewGuy
I think Tempest is being unnecessarily accommodating. The Saderan Empire look down on demi humans, why would a Nation of demi humans disguise themselves just because of that? Its not realistic for a nation that fought for demihuman rights to do something like that just to appeal to a racist Empire
3/16 c4 VeteranNewGuy
Ah this agnius guy...
Why would they let someone with such poor judgement lead their advance ?
3/5 c10 khotib123jek
Hopefully the next chapter will be updated quickly Why does every most exciting part have to end in a manga update so long ago?
3/5 c6 khotib123jek
Meskipun kamu tidak mengerti bahasaku
Tapi ini adalah top 3 fanfiction tensura terbaik
3/5 c4 khotib123jek
Sesuatu yang bagus pasti sangat pendek hanya 77 ribu kata
3/5 c3 khotib123jek
2/28 c10 Eddie199
When’s the next chapter?
2/22 c1 Da wall
(There's also more about the theology from both sides since in Gate, there are multiple Gods and Goddess while Tensura have none. I would focus more on Hardy, Emroy and of course, Rory Mercury to carry this side of story.)
The king of monsters ruling the Tempest federation Remaru himself is in fact a God of creation in that setting.
So yeah, they do have gods. The main character is in fact the ruler of the gods in that setting.
2/15 c3 N1cok
You should get a beta that is fluent in english. The grammar will turn most people off from reading this.
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